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How to Permanently Delete Multiple Private Messages from Android Phone?

The use of text messages is probably the most preferred means of communication, especially when one wishes to share private and confidential information due to various reasons. People who really love to chat are likely to end up with an overwhelming number of private messages that they may need to clean up a little to reduce the clutter on their devices. If you are an android user who is looking for effective ways to permanently multiple delete private messages from android then this article is a must read for you.

By reading this comprehensive article to the very end, you will be able to learn how to delete multiple private messages from Android by either using your smartphone's inbuilt stock messaging app or the Android Data Eraser third party app at one time.

Method 1. Deleting Multiple Private Messages from Android Using the Stock Messaging App

- Deleting Messages of Threads

By now, you must have noticed that all the messages from a particular contact in your smartphone are stored together in a specific format that makes it a lot easier to locate and view them. You can easily use these threads to delete multiple private messages from android as each thread alone has the ability to carry hundreds if not thousands of text messages. To delete one or more messaging threads simply press your smartphone's hardware menu button or click on the menu icon found in the right corner of your phone's screen when you are using the stock messaging app.

A popup menu will then appear, from which you should click on the "Delete Threads" option. By doing so, numerous check boxes will be provided and you can easily tap on any individual message thread you wish to do away with. If you instead prefer to delete all the available message threads simply click on the "Menu" button and tap the "Select All" feature and then confirm by pressing "OK". By doing so, you would have easily deleted multiple private messages from your device.

- Deleting Messages in Bulk

This method basically allows you to delete multiple messages from a given contact or thread. By using this method, you will be able to eliminate any unnecessary clutter messages while keeping the ones you value and treasure. To achieve this simply go to your Android smartphone or tablet's inbuilt stock messaging app, tap on the relevant message thread or contact and click on the menu button or icon.

When the menu icon/button has been activated or pressed a popup message will appear asking you what you wish to do. When prompted simply select the "Delete Messages" option and then tap on the "Delete by Selection" option. After making those selections, you will be provided with various checkboxes from which you can tap on to select the messages you wish to delete in bulk.

Method 2. Deleting Multiple Private Messages from Android Using MobiKin Android Data Eraser

MobiKin Eraser for Android is an effective mobile transfer tool that allows Android users to back up and erase all the available data on their devices. This computer program which provides a completely easy way to manage your Android files makes it a lot easier to delete your private messages, photos, videos, contacts, music files among other personal information at once.

Android Data Eraser which is available for both Mac and Windows PC has the ability to permanently multiple delete private messages and any other information from Android in that no available third party application can restore it. It is recommended to first use the program to store any important messages or files before beginning. Due to the nature of this program, it is also recommended to only use this option when you wish to donate, sell or exchange your device.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Perform the Best Android Message Eraser Program

Before starting the erasing progress, please backup your Android messages to computer to avoid further using.

Step 1. Download and Install the Program

Simply obtain the Android Data Eraser installation package from the program's official website and double-click on it while following the instructions provided. After successful installation, launch the installed program by double-clicking on its icon.

Step 2. Connect Your Android Phones to PC and Make It be Recognized

Be sure your phone is connected to the computer with USB cable, and then make it be recognized by the erasing program. Then you'll get an interface like below. The program will detect your device and scan for files atomatically.

Step 3. Erase Android Messages Immediately

Hit the "Erase Now" button to wipe all messages from Android phones as you like.

All the methods described in this article can help you effectively and permanently multiple delete private messages from android. Use the techniques provided today and you will be satisfied at how much more secure you will feel and how light and uncluttered your inbox will appear.


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