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Why is My iPhone so Slow?

2016-03-17 16:39:11/Posted by Alleny Gavinto Phone/Data Clean Topic/Follow @ MobiKin

Many electronic products will operate more and more slowly after having been used for a long time. If your device exceeds service life span, you may have to buy a new mobile phone because there is not any better methods. But if your device is still in its service life, then reason that leads to the slow response is usually the space problem. As we know, the memory space is limited and with time goes, people will download more and more files and applications on their device. So it seems that you are able to speed up the device as long as you delete the downloaded files. Yes, but the answer is not completely right. Deleting the files may solve the problem for a period of time, but the files you need to clean most are the junk files that hidden in your device instead of the files or apps you downloaded.

The junk files refer to the app caches, crash files, cookies, temp files, photo caches, user storage files and so on. They are not downloaded by the users on purpose but generated automatically. For example, the cookies will record the scanning habits when you use the browser automatically. Temp files will be generated when you use apps or surf the internet. Crash files will left on your iPhone when any of applications get crashed.

So how to clean these junk files? Cleaning them manually is not a smart method because it will cost you a lot of time and efforts to look for them one by one. Here we will recommend you an all-in-one iOS cleanup tool - MobiKin Cleaner for iOS(Windows/Mac). This tool allows the user to get more storage space on the device by deleting iPhone junk files with one simple click. The software will display all the junk files as different categories can you can clean the junk files selectively.

There are two versions of the software but only the Mac version is available now. The Windows version is upcoming! By the way, the software is free and just download the software on your computer and follow the steps below to clean your iPhone.

Steps to Speed up Your iPhone?

Step 1. Just download and install the software on your computer and then connect your iPhone to the Mac computer with its USB cable. Start the software and you can see an interface like below:

Then you will see an new window popping up after the software detect your device. Just select the Quick Clean mode by clicking the first icon.

Step 2. You can select the options and hit the Start Scan button to allow the software to scan them.

Finally, just mark the junk files you want to clean and hit the Clean button to erase them all.

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