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I hate the fake 5star reviews.


A piece of crap. It's not clear that PC software is only for 5 contacts. It's not first time I see products from Wondershare with this kind of joke.
Until the company review way how to offer products, I will not use anything from you.


It Works well with my iPhone 5S and HTC One 8. No more complicated process and I can do everything in one go. Please add I hope you can add Nokia Lumia 930 to your support list.


It is really convenient to transfer files between different mobile phones with the software. It only cost me 5 minutes to transfer all the files from Samsung to my new iPhone!


I just used the software to transfer all the contacts from Samsung phone to my new iPhone successfully! It only cost me about two minutes!


I just transferred the contacts and photos from my Samsung to the iPhone! All the files it transferred is complete and there is no quality loss in the process.


It is really good! It is convenient to use the software to transfer various files between different mobile phones!


The software is really powerful. I am able to transfer contacts and photos from Android to iPhone and also from iPhone to Android easily. And the whole process costed me just several minutes!

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