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Backup iPhone Files before Upgrading to iOS 8

2015-10-14 10:28:58/Posted by Alleny Gavinto iOS Transfer Topic/Follow @ MobiKin

Something about the new iOS 8 system

We know that iOS 8 was unveiled at Apples' Worldwide Developers Conference in June, 2nd, 2014 and made available in September, 17th. iOS 8 have little changes in the interface compared with iOS 7, but in terms of functionality has been improved. For example, Apple added a time-lapse camera mode to iOS 8 beta 1 in order to help users capture extended moments and automatically speed up the video with a higher frame rate. In addition, iOS 8 are going to be joined at the hip with the Handoff feature that lets you pick up where you left off between devices. When starting a project on an iPhone, it will let you finish the task on a Mac with no annoying overlap. There's no need to reopen windows or rewrite text on the computer. And it goes the other way, too, from a Mac to an iOS 8 device.

Here we can't detail every new function of iOS 8. Nevertheless, attracted by its powerful functions and improved features, many iPhone users can't wait to upgrade their iPhone to iOS 8 system. However, we know that there are many reasons can make you lose files and data from your iPhone, and upgrading or downgrading iOS system is also one of the common factors. In this case, you're strongly recommended here to backup your iPhone data before upgrading your iPhone to the latest iOS 8 system. And now, iCloud and iTunes may come into your mind, right? Obviously, this is the normal reflection of all iOS device, but actually they are not the most ideal solution to backup your iPhone data before upgrading to iOS 8. Because iTunes backup file is quite easy to cover as you sync your iPhone with iTunes, and iCloud account only allow the user to store 4GB data for free, which is usually not big enough to back up all your data, especially if you have tons of photos and videos.

Under this situation, here we could like to recommend MobiKin Doctor for iOS (Win/Mac) to help you backup iPhone contents freely and constantly. With it, you can extract your needed data like contacts, SMS, photo, video, bookmarks, etc. from your iPhone or iPhone backup files at the same time. And all these extracted data can be viewed or edited on your Windows or Mac desktop computer without any limitation. Now, click the below icon to get the program on your Windows or Mac, and then follow the steps to backup your own iPhone files before upgrading to iOS 8 as you like.

How to Backup iPhone Data before Upgrading to iOS 8 Easily

First of all, let's have a brief look of primary window of the Windows and Mac program:

Windows Version

Mac Version

From these screenshots, you may have found that the Windows version offers two different ways to backup your iPhone contents while the Mac version only have one way for your reference. In order to help you get a deeply understand of these two ways, here we could like to take the Windows version as an example. For Mac user, you can click here to learn more details.

Step 1. Scan for Files

The first thing you have to do after running the program on your computer is to select the mode according to your own needs. Below is the operation of these two ways respectively:
- Recover from iOS device: Jailbreak your iPhone and link it to the computer via USB cable. Then when the device is detected by the program, you can hit "StartScan" button to start scanning for all files on your device.
- Recover from iTunes backup file: Ensure you have synced all data on your iPhone with iTunes, then select the backup file of your iPhone on the interface, then click "StartScan" to scan your device. In this mode, you're not required to connect your iPhone to the computer.

When the scanning is finished, you can see an interface just like below:

Step 2. Preview and Export

In the left column of the program, you can find that data on your iPhone have been categorized and displayed here. Just select the option that you wish to backup, and then you can enter these folders to view the detailed contents. And then you can hit "Recover" button to export and save these data on your computer.

Tips: If you only want to backup specific data from iPhone to computer, then you can check these options and then select your needed file one by one.

It is always good to prepare for the worst, so you need this software to backup your files in order to keep them safe before you upgrade your iPhone system to iOS 8.

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