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Solutions to Headphone Problems of iPhone 4/5/6/6s

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You may hardly wait to play your iPhone after you bought it. Before using the iPhone, I am sure you need to download some necessary applications like camera, browser, backup apps, weather apps, etc or some amusement apps like games, ringtones, etc. After installing all of these apps you may need a iPhone assistant to manage them. iTunes is a good software that can enable you to transfer files freely between your iPhone, iPad or iPod, but it also has disadvantages that the files you transferred via iTunes can only be displayed by iTunes. As the best alternative to iTunes, MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Windows/Mac) allows you to back up various files on computer as you like.

Problems are inevitable in daily life and the users may meet many troubles like the headphone problems. Generally speaking, headphones are usually used for listening to music, watching videos, making or receiving calls. Hence it will be annoyed and inconvenient if your headphone does not work normally. There may be many reasons that could lead to the headphone problems. Here we will offer you useful solutions to some common headphone problems.

1. What if you can only hear from one end of the headphones

If your headphone can only play from one end, then it may be broken or damaged or the headphone jack is stuck by large amounts of dust or dirt. You need to buy a new headphone if the device is broken or damaged. If the problem is caused by the second reason, then you can refer to the solution below.


Use the flashlight to check the headphone if there is something stuck inside. Then use the cotton swabs, toothpick or some other tools according to the types of dirt to clean the dirt.

2. Siri interrupts mistakenly when you plug the headphone in.

Sometimes Siri interrupt or keep annoying you when the headphone is plugged in. Usually the situation results from the use of third party headphones with a loose fit. And any movement of the headphone will lead to the interruption of Siri.


If you cannot tolerate the interruption, you may need to buy a genuine Apple headphone. As it is known that iPhone tends to do well with Apple headphones.

3. Music is played brokenly when you plug the headphone in.

This is a common problem and usually caused by the use of third party headphone which is not able to provide the snug grip that needed by headphones jack to attach perfectly. And you may find that if you shake the wire gently. The problem may be solved temporarily. You can refer to the solution to solve the problem completely.


Just make sure that your headphone is manufactured by Apple. You can buy the headphone in Apple store if the authentic headphone is lost or damaged. And just do not use the third party headphones when you use the iPhone

4. Volume Problems

The symptoms like the disability to hear the click sound when you unlock your mobile phone or the music cannot be played via audio speakers are the common volume problem. The problems that users are not able to hear from the headphone usually result from the buildup of pocket lint in the headphone jack.


Use a flashlight spot the lint accurately in the headphone and a paperclip or a needle to get the lint out of the headphone jack. At the same time, you need to make sure that the components inside are not damaged by paperclip or needle.

5. The inside of headphone jack is full of moisture

The headphone is not able to operate properly or normally if the headphone jack inside is moist. Actually your headphone is useless now if you meet the case.


Do not use your headphone anymore and dry out your headphone with tissue or hair drier.

6. Your iPhone is stuck in the headphone mode

This is a common problem that iPhone users met most when they use the device. Sometimes your iPhone is still in headphone mode after you plug out the headphone.


The method to solve the problem is also simple and all you need is a Q-tip also called cotton swab. Insert it in the headphone jack and then plug it our. Repeat the process for several times and then you will find that your iPhone will no longer be stuck on the headphone mode anymore.


Bonus: If you feel tired to manage so many apps or files on your iPhone, you can get help from a professional software - MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Windows/Mac), which enables you to export files like contacts, SMS messages, media files, notes, safari bookmarks, voice memo, podcasts, ringtone, playlist and so on from iOS device to computer easily and quickly.

There are two versions available below, just choose one to download!

Steps to Transfer Files from iPhone to Computer

Step 1. Download and install the software on your computer. Start the program and connect the device to your PC with the USB cable. Then you can follow the instructions on the interface to open the USB debugging. Then the software will begin to scan your device and you will see an interface like this.

Step 2.There are a list of categories on the left panel. Click on the option according to the types of files you want to transfer and then mark the files you want to transfer and hit the Export button on the top panel.

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