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What Can I Do to Delete Songs from iCloud?

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iPhone users usually back up songs in iCloud so that they are able to enjoy music in an easy way. However, it is common that you download and store the songs that you do not like or the songs you download take up too much space of your phone which results in the storage space shortage. Hence, you need to find the way to omit unwanted songs to release your iPhone space.

To help you remove these songs more quickly and simply, this article will provide two ways for you and you can use one of them to achieve your goal and enjoy your preferable music.

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Solution 1. Using iTunes to Omit Songs from iCloud

As an iDevice management application, iTunes is an ideal way to remove songs from iCloud. Once you delete the songs from iCloud via iTunes, these deleted data will be omitted from iPhone, iPad or iPod as well because the files on these devices are synchronous with your iTunes library. And these items cannot be recovered. The steps are listed below, you can go with them.

Step 1. Launch iTunes on the computer and click on Music in the left panel.

Step 2. Choose the songs that you would like to remove and then right click on it.

Step 3. After that, a pop-up window will appear on the screen, just click on "Delete" to remove the songs. Here should remember to select the checkbox to omit the items from iCloud.

use itunes to remove songs from icloud

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Solution 2. Delete Songs from iCloud on iPhone/iPad

Another way to omit sings from iCloud is forthright- deleting them on your iPhone or iPad. In this way, you only need to launch the music library on your devices and find out the unwanted songs. Then you can delete individual songs or entire album as you like. To be able to delete songs from iCloud on your iPhone or iPad, the following is what you will need to do.

Step 1. Open up the music application on your iPhone or iPad and then access the music library as usual.

launch music app on iphone

Step 2. For deleting individual song, you need to access the specified song in the Music app and swipe the song from left to right. Then you will see the delete button and click on it in order to remove it.

remove songs from icloud

Step 3. To delete an entire album of songs, you need to go to the bottom menu of the Music application and elect the album you want to omit. And the next step is to tap on the Album and swipe it to reveal the Delete button. Then click on the button to remove the entire album. Here you have another option- deleting songs by artist. The process is similar to deleting songs by album. Just select the Artists from the bottom menu and swipe the artist and tap on the Delete button to get rid of it.

Although these two ways are both easy, they can help you manage your music in iCloud effectively to release iPhone space so that your phone could run more quickly. This will give a better experience of using iPhone. Just have a try.

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