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Everything About 2016 Apple Special Event

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The Apple Special Event is held in March 21, 2016 at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, which has been expected by millions of people and will surely be a festival for Apple. So Apple fans, ready to know everything about the Special Event. You can preview all the content below and skip to what attracted you directly by clicking on the corresponding option.

New Products Launched in 2016

- iPhone SE >>
Here we will introduce the detailed Specifications, Price and more information about the device for you.

- iPad Pro >>
A detailed introduction of the 9.7-Inch iPad Pro will tell everything you need to know about the product.

How to Watch 2016 Apple Special Event?
Want to watch the Apple Event online with your devices? Here we will tell the requirements to your devices.

Watch the Apple Special Event with Pictures Directly
We diagrammatize the videos and took photos about the special event, so you can watch the whole process with just photos.

New Products Launched in 2016 Apple Special Event

Finally, Apple is going to launch the iPhone SE and a smaller iPad Pro after months of rumors in the Apple Special Event on March 21. Before the event, the sentence in the invitation letter - "Let Us Loop You In" has already confused people and also draw millions of people's attention. We have heard a lot of rumors about the new iPhone but the people still have a genuine curiosity because the Apple is really good at keep the secrecy. Now we will show you the new products' true color.


What You Should Know About iPhone SE

The iPhone SE was launched in the Apple's special event on Monday just like the expectation. By the way, the SE in the name is believed to stand for Special Edition. Just as what it claims "A big step for small", the new iPhone SE with a 4-inch screen tried to meet the demands of a smaller screen and a lower price. Apple designs the size according to the feedback of 2015 that more than 30 million 4-inch iPhone was sold in the last year.


The innards of the new device - iPhone SE is similar to the iPhone 6S. However, the design and form are very like the last 4-inch iPhone - iPhone 5S. It is said by the company that the processing power of iPhone SE is the same to the iPhone 6s that was launched last year and is twice as powerful as the iPhone 5S that was launched in 2013. The design of iPhone SE looks like the iPhone 5S but has the color that iPhone 6S has - including Rose Gold. And the rounded edges on the bottom and top are like the design in iPhone 6.


Here is the Technical Specifications of iPhone SE:

Display: 4.00-inch
Processor: 64-bit A9 chip
Camera: 12MP iSight camera
Resolution: 640x1136 pixels
Panoramas: 63MP
Operating System: 9.3
Support Function: Apple Pay, Live Photos, 4K videos, Wi-Fi Calling.
Improved Components: battery life, LTE, Wi-Fi, Microphones.


The price of the iPhone SE with 16 GB is $399, while the 64GB is $499. The device will be on sale on March 31 and will be in about 100 countries by May.


The Introduction of a 9.7-Inch iPad Pro

A new member with a smaller screen joined the tablet lineup and this is the 9.7-Inch iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro has the same innards as the iPad Pro with a bigger screen that Apple had launched last year. Also this device can support the Apple Pencil and has a Smart Connector for the detachable Smart Keyboard.


Obviously iPad Pro is released to attract more users and increase the sales. Because the iPad Pro that was released last year are too large for many people who have the willings to buy the iPad Pro. That's why this smaller sibling is launched.


This 9.7-Inch iPad Pro is a successor to the iPad Air 2 that was launched in 2014. With an enhanced display and higher pixels, the new device can offer you updated HD graphics quality and also enables the users to adjust the brightness according to the environment and the needs of customers. What's more, the iPad Pro also has a four-speaker setup. At the same time, the memory space is also increased by Apple.


Here is the Technical Specifications of iPad Pro:

Display: 9.70-inch
Processor: A9X
Front Camera: 5-megapixel
Rear Camera: 12-megapixel
Resolution: 2048x1536 pixels
Panoramas: 63MP
Operating System: iOS 9
Storage: 32GB
Improved Components: Display technology Oxide TFT, color saturation, storage space.


Speaking of the price, the 9-7-inch iPad Pro with 32 GB is $599, iPad Pro with 128GB is $749 and the 256GB is $899. There is no cellular or LTE version available. As you can see from the picture, there are 4 colors including the Rose Gold. According to Apple SVP Phil Schiller, over 200 millions of 9.7-inch iPad tablets has been sold, which may imply a good prospect. According to Apple official website, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro can be ordered on March 24. If you purchase the product, you can click here to know how to manage the files in new iPad Pro.

How to Watch 2016 Apple Special Event? 

The 2016 Apple Special Event was help at 10 am Pacific Time and people can see the live video in the official website of Apple that also enables you to see other videos about Apple events. If you want to watch the videos, please pay attention to the basic requirements to the devices.

An iPhone, iPad or iPod touch should have Safari on iOS 7.0 or later.

Mac users need to update their device to OS X v10.8.5 or later with the Safari 6.0.5 or later.

Apple TV needs to be second or third generation with software 6.2 or later. Besides, the fourth generation of Apple TV is OK.

If you are Windows users and have no Apple devices, you can steam the videos of Apple special event by the Edge browser of Microsoft. By the way, your Windows operating system should be Windows 7/8/10.

If you do want to see the videos which are too long for you, you can also see the pictures below. Because we also diagrammatize the videos and you can scan the whole Apple Special Event by sliding your cursor.


Watch the Apple Special Event with Pictures Directly.

1:00 p.m. The Apple Special Event begin and the video about 40 history of Apple is displayed on the display.


1:03 p.m. Tim is addressing and said that we will welcome the 40tn birthday of Apple and also noted the FBI issue on stage. "We believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help you protect your data and protect your privacy" said Tim. We owe it to our customers and we owe it to our country. This is an issue that affects all of us and we will not shrink from our responsibility."


1:06 p.m. A woman starts to show us what Apple did to go green. The utilization rate of renewable energy could reached 93% and almost all the package could be recycled and reused. Then a video also shows us how the robot disassemble iPhone for recycling Then a video also shows us how the robot disassemble iPhone for recycling


1:15  p.m. Tim comes back to the stage and introduces the health topic like ResearchKit. And also show us a ResearchKit video. Other health apps like CareKit and the apps for Parkingson's are also introduced.



1:27 p.m. Now it is the time for NEW PRODUCTS. First of all, the new watch strap has 4 colors. And Apple Watch now starting at $299.


1:30  p.m. List the apps on the Apple TV and then Tim introduce the new features of TV OS include the Ditation, folders, iCloud Photo Library, Siri for App Store and live photos.


1:31 p.m. The new iPhone SE with a 4-inch screen. This new device uses an A9 SoC and has a better battery life than the iPhone 5s. With a new image signal processor, it is really a nice device. With the NFC chip built-in, the device can support Apple Pay. Then he introduces the price: $399 for 16GB and $499 for the 64GB model. Finally the iPhone SE will be available on March 31st.



1:41 p.m. Now comes our iOS 9.3 which has been in public testing for months. It is available from now on.


1:46 p.m. Here he proves the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Besides, there are over one millions of apps in the App Store. The display of the new iPad Pro can measure the color temperature of ambient light and then adjust the device to match. With the Apple A9X Soc, the performance of the new iPad will not let you down. What's more, it also has a keyboard and Apple Pencil just like the big iPad Pro. Finally, the price of the iPad Pro: 32GB for $599, 128GB for $749, and 256GB for $899. The product is available on March 31st.




2:02 p.m. At last, Tim makes the conclusion and discusses about the new Apple campus.


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