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iOS 11 with Amazing New Features for iPhone/iPad Hits This fall

2017-06-15 09:14:22/Posted by Alleny Gavinto iOS Transfer Topic/Follow @ MobiKin

Apple should be the most attractive smartphone developer in the world these years. The iOS 11 is creatively updated with new features and is about to be released this fall according to the WWDC keynote, which took place on June 5. We are expecting the release of iOS with the leading smartphone iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. And the new features will help to leave hundreds of its competitors behind. So are you eager to know the amazing features that the iOS 11 have? Now, just keep reading to learn about the new features of iOS 11, including the Apple Pay, FaceTime, Dark Mode, the ARKit. And some other improved functions of iOS 11 you might want to know will be also introduced in details.

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Part 1: The Most Attractive New Features of iOS 11

1) New in iOS 11: Apple Pay - Pay easily with a message.

With improved iOS 11, Apple Pay supports Person to Person Payment (P2P Payment) and Apple Pay Cash. When sending money, you might use the Apple Pay with your credit or debit card to send it, right in the message. When receiving money, also you will get paid in message and the money will be saved automatically in your Apple Pay Cash securely and can be instantly available for sending to another friend, shopping with Apple Pay in stores and apps, or transferring to your bank account. It is an easy and quick way for exchanging payment like sending messages but a secure method to pay for the Apple can provide protection for users privacy. And Apple will not know what and where did you buy and how much did you pay for the item you bought.

p2p payment in ios 11

2) New in iOS 11: FaceTime - Let's have a group video call!

Apple with iOS 11 will break the limit of one-to-one video call and start to support group video calls with 5 users in a group at most. Besides, more social context will be added to the function. Achieving multi-users FaceTime has been the hope of many iOS and Mac users, and with this upgrated function, the Apple might keep up to date and keep the position of FaceTime in iOS. With the develpment of CallKit and system interface of iOS, the FaceTime can be more valuable than before.

make group calls with facetime

3) New in iOS 11: Dark Mode - Protect your eyes.

The Dark Mode could be called Dark Pattern, Night Shift and Night Mode. The purpose is to fit the user who uses the phone in insufficient light. With the dark mode, it can well protect your eyes, for when reading in poor light, there might be a "double whammy" effect which may encourage the development of short-sightedness and eye fatigue. So iOS 11 will consider more the health of users and allow users to choose a dark theme if needed. And the dark mode provides the blue and black light to display during the night for better user experience.

dark mode

4) New in iOS 11: Camera - Augmented Reality

The iOS 11 could bring the ARKit, the new frame makes the developer easily realize the augmented reality (like 3D selfies) with its camera, which brings millions of iOS users amazing experience. By fusing the digitized objects in the information of your surroundings, augmented reality can make the apps cross the border of the screen to interact with the world in a new way. That would be a huge competition among thousands of competitors in the world.

* Add the ARKit framework that combines device motion tracking, camera scene capture, advanced scene processing, and display conveniences to simplify the task of constructing an AR experience.

* Add the Vision framework for detecting faces, barcodes, text, image horizon, and rectangular regions.

* Add CIBlendKernel, a special type of CIColorKernel to blend two images (supported by CIRenderDestination and CIImageAccumulator).

camera in ios 11

Part 2: Other Improved Functions of iOS 11

1) App Frameworks - Manage your documnets.

Are you supposed to be a real master of your phone and make it help well with your job? Then you might need to start with the document management at first. The app framework helps you gather all kinds of files together so that you might easily browse, search and clean up your document at one place. The all kinds of files will show at a exclusive place of your own to be checked by yourself, including the documents you store in your iPad and the documents you save in other applications,iOS device, iCloud Drive and other cloud services. Here are the detail functions you might want to know:

* Support for drag and drop

- Drag and drop in iOS 11 allows customers to drag items from one spot to another onscreen; it is available within a single app or in different apps.

- Add functionally to identify views as drag sources and destinations.

- Add customizable previews and set-down animations.

* Browse local and iCloud documents

- Add view controllers for browsing documents saved locally and in the cloud.

- Add UIDocumentBrowserAction, an object for creating a custom action for the document browser.

2) Apple Pencil - Leave your imprinting.

With the iOS 11, the Apple Pencil applicable to iPad Pro becomes more utility, powerful and smooth. The Apple pencil can always distinguish itself no matter you want to take note, deal with the job, creat or complete the other task with it. So what can you do with the Apple Pencil in iOS 11?

- Add annotations whenever and wherever you want in the PDF file or screenshot.

- Take notes by clicking on the lock screen, and the content you creat will be stored in the memo app.

- Add drawing functions in the memo app while drawing, your creation will steer automatically clear of the surrounding characters and can and can only be searched by your device for information security.

- Add scanning manuscript function in memo app. It can induce automatically the manuscript page, and scan the page, trim the edges, adjust the angle and eliminate the glare. Besides, you might use the Apple pencil to fill in and sign,and then save and share it.

3) Siri - Be more natural and helpful.

The iOS 11 makes the intelligent assistant, Siri, much more smarter and helpful. The means of expression of Siri become more abundant and lively and has more natural voice than before by advanced robot learning and artificial intelligence technology. You might translate with Siri. Just try to ask Siri in English that how to say some sentence in Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian. Then Siri will help you to translate it. For instance, you would like to express your gratitude to your Spanish friend, you might say:"Gracias!"

Above are the amazing features of iOS 11 you might be interested in. Besides, if you want to experience the iOS 11 in advance before it is released officially, you might use the iOS 11 beta version officially by registering to be a developer. Thanks for reading!

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