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Should I Wait for iPhone 8 or iPhone X? Worth or Not?

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According to the latest news, iPhone 8/X is going to release on 12 September, which is one of the most anticipated events of this year because 2017 is the 10th year anniversary of iPhone. However, some users may doubt whether it is worth waiting for iPhone 8/X for the reason that iPhone 7 has made many users disappointed last year. To help you find the answer, therefore, this article will introduce several main feature of iPhone 8 and iPhone X in line accordance with the popular rumors so that you can know something about them in advance, which will help you make a decision.

Part 1. The Common New Features of iPhone X and iPhone 8

Part 2. The Comparisons between iPhone 8 and iPhone X

the new model of iphone

Part 1. The Common New Features of iPhone X and iPhone 8

The release of a new iPhone model must be accompanied by some new features. Because this year is the tenth birthday of iPhone, Apple is going to release several products this year and people pay highly attention to these new models. Among these new devices, iPhone 8 anD iPhone X are of special concern. According to the news, the functions of iPhone 8 and iPhone X are powerful and you can hold high expectation for them. Now let's see what these news say.

1. All-glass enclosure

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst, Apple may give up the metal design currently employed in iPhone 7 but in favor of an all-glass enclosure which calls back to iPhone 4 and 4s released in 2014. That means glass will cover both sides of iPhone 8 and iPhone X and the thickness would just be 6.9 mm. In addition, these glass panels will be framed by aluminum or stainless steel. So you can look forward the new looking of iPhone 8/X.

iphone 8 with an all glass enclosure

2. Wireless charging

Bloombery reported in January that Apple was working on the cutting-edge wireless technology that would allow future iPhones and iPads to charge without wire. Actually, some Android smartphone like Samsung's latest family of device have this technology but it is a lot slower than wired charging methods. Therefore, we can expect that Apple can employ a maturer wireless technology in iPhone 8 and iPhone X to make its wireless charging more quickly and long-range so we can get rid of wired charging.

charge iphone 8 wirelessly

3. Water, dust and splashes resistant

As we all known,  the iOS device can survive for about 30 minutes when submerged in one meter of water. And the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are expected to have an IP68 rating, which means that it will be able to survive for about a half an hour when submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water. In addition, they are also designed to resist dust and splashes. This feature would make your phone more durable.

Part 2. The Comparisions between iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Since iPhone 8 and iPhone X are two different products, they have some distinctions certainly. This part will make a comparison between these two devices so that you can figure out which one is more suitable for you and whether they are worth your waiting.

1. Price

It is reported that the price of iPhone 8 could be $699 USD while iPhone X might be $999 USD. In this aspect, the price would be more reasonable. However, as a portable device, their prices are really expensive and some customers may not be able to afford it. Theredore, you are suggested to think clearly whether to wait for iPhone 8 and iPhone X by giving up other devices. Or you can choose one of them according to your economic strength.

2. The date of pre-oder and release

It is reported that the pre-order date will be September 15 and its available data would Septeber. And what's worse, the data that you can get iPhone X could be later- pre-order on 27 October and release on 27 October. In this case, getting an iPhone 8 would be wiser if your old phone is suffering some insoluble problems and need a new phone to deal with urgent business. But if your are not badly in need of a new phone, you can select iPhone X to get more wonderful features.

3. OLED Displays VS LCD Displays

It is said that Apple is planning to employ OLED screens in iPhone X but iPhone 8 will use LCD displays continuely. OLED display is superior to LCD screen for the reason that it can light up individual pixels when necessary. That means the blacks can be blacker while the whites can be brighter. This feature is also able to lower power consumption and faster response times. So the display screen of iPhone X would be superior to iPhone 8.

iphone x with oled displays

4. Size and space

Both iPhone 8 and iPhone X will provide two major variants of storage space: 64 or 256GB. This will permit users to store more files and play the applications on it more swimmingly. However, the size of their screen is a little different. Most news say that the size of iPhone 8 may have two types- 5.5 inches and 4.7 inches, which is bigger than iPhone 7. But it is still smaller than iPhone X, which would be 5.8-inch. So if you care more about the size of the phone, you can have second thoughts.

5. Facial ID VS Touch ID

According to the news, iPhone X may equip the feature of Face ID which allow users to unlock their by reconizing their face. However, this tool does not support Touch ID. This means you can only unlock your phone by passcode or Face ID. If you prefer a Touch ID, you can choose iPhone 8 for the reason that it retains the feature of Touch ID but it does not support the Facial ID.

iphone x with face id

After reading the article, you might know something about iPhone 8 and iPhone X and can make a decision on whether they are worth waiting for it or not according to your need.

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