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1-Click to Transfer Data (Contacts, Photos, etc.) from iPhone to iPhone

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There are so many reasons result in transferring data or files from one iPhone to another in the daily life. For example, upgrade your old iPhone 5 to the new released iPhone 6/7 plus, so you need to copy the whole contacts list or something important from the old iPhone to new one? Or having taken lots of precious photos during your summer holiday, and wish to move them from your friends' iPhone to your own for better enjoyment? We've found that iPhone users can easily backup their iPhone data with iTunes, but the facts have proved that data backed up with iTunes always be lost due to unlimited reasons. And for some iPhone novice, they may also feel it is complicated to move data between iPhone and iTunes. Thus, more and more iPhone users need to find an effective way to transfer or copy data between iPhone devices as they like. That's also why we write this article here.

Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone with MobiKin Transfer for Mobile (Recommended)

To reach it, you need to turn to a professional 3rd-party program - MobiKin Transfer for Mobile. With it, you can simply plug your old and new iPhone into the computer at the same time, and select the needed moved data like contacts, text messages, photos, apps, etc. for transferring between iPhone devices as you like. No other additional operations are needed and no any professional technical skills are required here. All data can be transferred from one iPhone to another at seconds. What's more, the program can also compatible with Android, Symbian or Windows phone well. Thus, if you need, you can transfer data between these different operating systems as you like.

Now, you can click the below icon to download and install the program on your computer, then follow the below steps to see the detailed tutorial of transferring files from iPhone to iPhone.

Tools you may need:

1) MobiKin iPhone to iPhone Transfer;
2) A Windows or Mac computer;
3) Two iPhone with USB cable.

Now, connect two different iPhone to your computer and then launch the iPhone Transfer program that you've installed. Then you'll be required to select the mode you need to use. Here, we could like to recommend you to select "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Then, the program will detect your device and show them in the source or destination area randomly. You can change the position by clicking "Flip" button. After that, tick the file type you wish to move and hit "Start Copy" button to begin the transmission. And you can check the process in the program as below:

Done! Now, you can check your new iPhone and you'll find that all data on the old iPhone have been moved to the device without losing. And you can directly use them to contact with your family members or friends, send emails, share photos, play games, etc. as you like.

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How to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 7/6S/6(Plus) with iTunes?

Even though the process could be a little bit trouble than the above method, but using iTunes to sync data between iPhone is also a good choice while you have the need. So, please follow the below steps to begin transferring data from old iPhone to new one with iTunes.

- First of all, you need to backup the older iPhone content with iTunes. To reach it, you should to ensure the iPhone is connected to the computer, then launch iTunes, and right-click on the iPhone in the iTunes sidebar and choose "Back up Now".


- When the backup is finished, you can disconnect the old iPhone and connect the iPhone.

- Make your new iPhone be recognized by the iTunes, then select "Restore from iTunes Backup" at the set up iPhone screen. Here, you can select the backup file you've just made and click "Continue" to begin the restoring.


If your iPhone is unused and unactivation, then you can restore the backup as below:


When the restoring process is finished, you can disconnect your iPhone and check the data on it by yourself.

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Migrating An Old iPhone to New One with iCloud

It is no doubt that you can use iCloud to move data between iPhones, and the facts have proved that lots of iDevice users have used it to save unlimited precious data. However, this method requires your device is connected to the Wifi and have a good Internet connection, so if you have a slower Internet connection, we don't like to suggest you to use iCloud to finish the data transferring from iPhone to iPhone.

Below is the steps for you to transfer iPhone data to new iPhone 7/6S/6/SE with iCloud:

1. Make a backup of your old iPhone with iCloud directly. Here, you only need to turn on "iCloud Backup" option in the "Settings > iCloud > Backup" category.

2. Restore iPhone with the backup you've made. You can directly go to Settings, and find General, Reset option here. Choose "Erase All Content and Settings", and "Erase iPhone", then select "Restore from iCloud" and select the backup you made before.



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