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How to Update iOS 8 to iOS 9?

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As the 9th generation of apple operating system, iOS 9 comes with some improved functions, tools and new features. Many people may install the new apple operating system in the first time it was released and some people may hold wait-and-see attitude to the iOS 9 because they are still not sure if the iOS 9 is really better than iOS 8 or other operating system and also do not clear about the updating process of operating system. So here we will offer you a brief introduction of the new features of iOS 9 and the steps to update your device to iOS 9.


What's New in iOS 9?

Firstly, the Proactive Assistant Siri will be more proactive and smarter than in iOS 8. For example, if you ask Siri to remind this later, Siri will detect the apps who are running and try to understand what this means. What's more, Siri will also be faster and more accurate.

Secondly, Apple pay is also expanded and it has made its way to the United Kingdom now. It has been backed by many banks and credit and debit card.

Thirdly, the better and more tolerable Apple Maps will offer you the detailed route including buses, metro and even the ferries.

Fourthly, the multitasking for iPad allow iPad users to handle many tasks at the same time smoothly and easily. And you can preview different windows of two apps at the same time.


Before update your device to the iOS 9, you have to make sure if your devices is compatible with the iOS 9. Here is the compatible devices:

iPhone: iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus

iPad: iPad 2/3/4/iPad Air/Air 2/Pro/mini/mini 2/3/4.

iPod touch: iPod touch 5/6


How to Back Up Files on Computer?

Before the update, you'd better make a backup of your important files on computer in case the files may be lost after the update.

Step 1. Download the MobiKin Doctor for iOS (Win/Mac) by clicking the icons below.

Step 2. Connect your iOS device to the computer with the USB cable and launch the software. You will see an interface like this with many options list on the panel.

Step 3. Click the wanted option on the left panel to preview the details on right panel. Mark the files you want to keep and click the Export button on the top.

Steps to Update iOS 8 to iOS 9

There two ways for you to install iOS 9. Method 1 is to download the iOS 9 on your device directly and you should make sure there is enough space on your storage card. Method 2 is to download and install the iOS 9 via iTunes on computer. By the way, make sure the battery life is above 60% in case that the device is out of energy during the updating process.

Method 1. Install iOS 9 on your device wirelessly.

Step 1. Head to the Home screen of the device and tap on the settings app.

Step 2. Tap on the General button.

Step 3. You will see that there is a 1 next to the Software Update option and that means there is a updating version available. Just tap on it. If there is not any number next to the option, you can still tap it and then the operating system will detect the phone to see whether there is update available.


Step 4. Tap on the Install button after a new interface popping up. Then the new operating system will be downloaded and installed.

Method 2. Use iTunes to install iOS 9

Step 1. Connect the device to your computer via the USB cable and then launch the iTunes if it does not start automatically.

Step 2. You may see an interface popping up like the one below. It will remind you that there is update available, then you can just tap on the Download and Update button to install the iOS 9 on your device automatically. You can also download the Download Only to just download the update only and install the iOS9 later or whenever you want.

Step 3. If you do not see the interface, you can click on the device icon and then select the Summary tab in the left column. Then click the Check for Update button in the left column and the software will find the update if it is available. And you can install the iOS 9 on your devices easily.


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