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How to Change Apple ID for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Mac?

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Apple ID is an account that performs all of the actions associated with Apple, for example, buying apps, shopping on iTunes Store, logging into iCloud and etc. And you can use only one Apple ID and password to access all Apple services. Besides, Apple ID is bound with your email address.

However, if you want to change the email address when your email address is changed, or when you have bought the used iPhone which has logged on with others' Apple ID and you want to use your Apple ID, you might need to change the Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad or iPod or other reasons. If so, how do you change Apple ID on your iOS device? Let's check this article to learn how to change Apple ID.

User Guide: Steps to Reset Apple ID Sign-in Email for iOS Device

Before the process, please be noted that after you change your Apple ID, all the files under this Apple ID will not be removed and be accessed with your new Apple ID, including the iCloud backup, iTunes backup, or the apps, music and other files you have purchased from iTunes Store.

But if you still worried about data lost, you can also export or transfer the iOS files to your computer for backup so that you can sync the data to your new Apple ID later.

Now, let's start to change Apple ID together:

Step 1. Sign out of your Apple ID. You can log out of your Apple ID anywhere, including on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, your Macs, your iTunes Store or anywhere else you might have signed in.

On your iPhone, you can go to "Settings" > "iTunes & App Store", and tap the existing Apple ID to bring out more options. Then tap "Sigh Out" option to exit Apple ID.

how to sign out apple id

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Step 2. Visit the Apple ID login page. Please use your current Apple ID to sign in here.

sign into apple id

Step 3. After signing into your Apple ID, you will get a new page containing all of your Apple ID information. Under Account section, please click "Edit" option on the right side.

edit apple id account

Step 4. Then you will be on a new page where you can edit your account information in the text fields. Now please find and click "Change Email Address" option on the top.

change email address of apple id

Step 5. Next, a pop-up window will appear and tell you to "Enter a new email address to use as your Apple ID". Just follow the prompt and type your new email address and then click "Continue" option.

enter new email address as apple id

Step 6. Later the verification codes will be sent to your new email address that you have entered just now. Just open the email and check the verification code in your inbox or spam folder in order to verify with Apple that it is you who are changing your Apple ID or email address.

Just copy and paste the verification code into the Apple ID reset form to complete the Apple ID change process.

enter verification code

Step 7. Now you can use your new Apple ID to sign in on your iOS device or Macs.

Besides, please be noted that your Apple ID email is different from your iCloud email, and after changing Apple ID, your iCloud email will be same as before.

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