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How to Reset iPhone Voicemail Password for Free?

2015-10-14 17:24:33/Posted by Alleny Gavinto iOS Recovery Topic/Follow @ MobiKin

Voicemail makes the communication between iPhone users more convenient. The iPhone voicemail feature allows users to view a list of current voicemail messages on-screen without having to call into their voicemail. Your voicemail does have a password associated with it. To use the voicemail, you need to set up the feature by creating a password and greeting. You can delete or save the voicemail messages as you want. But sometimes you may delete the useful voicemail messages and data by mistake. And it often happens that some iPhone users occasionally forget the password for their voice mail account. Without the password, you cannot check, delete or return messages. Luckily, all of the major cell phone companies allow you to reset your voice mail password without much effort. A number of methods exist that you can use to reset your iPhone voicemail password. Providing you don’t know your current password, this article will show you the free method to reset the voicemail password on iPhone. Besides, in case that you may need to get back the lost or removed files on iPhone, we will also introduce an amazing program to help you restore the deleted iPhone data.

Part 1.How to Reset An iPhone Voicemail Password?

Here are the steps about how to reset the voicemail password on an iPhone. Check them out.

First, tap the "Settings" icon on the Home screen to display the iPhone's Settings menu. Second, tap "Phone" next to the green telephone icon to access the iPhone's telephony settings. Third, enter the "Change Voicemail Password" button. Then go to your current voicemail password and tap "Done" in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, you can tap the password you want on the keypad and tap the "Done" button in the upper right corner of the screen when you are finished. Then the iPhone will show the message "Password Saved." and you can confirm that the new voicemail password works correctly by checking your voicemail. Push the "Home" button to return to the Home screen. Finally you can tap the "Phone" icon and the "Voicemail" icon to check your voicemail.

Part 2. Tips to Recover Lost Data on iPhone 6 Plus

Here we'll introduce a program to you - MobiKin Doctor for iOS (Windows/Mac). It's a third party tool to recover all the iPhone data on the computer. The steps are as follows:

Launch the program and connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Choose the "Recover from iOS Device" mode and hit "StartScan" if your iPhone is jailbroken. If not, you need to jailbreak your iPhone first. The steps about how to jailbreak the device is on the interface. Make sure you have successfully jailbreaked your iPhone. And then click "StartScan".

You can view the prime information of your iPhone on the main interface below.

Choose one of the folders among the categories on the left column. Taking "Messages" as an example, click the file and then you can view the conversations of the messages displayed on the right panel. Tick the deleted ones in red color and hit "Recover" to save them on the computer entirely. The same works for the rest of the data on iPhone.

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