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Calendar Transfer between Two Android Phones

Transferring a calendar from one mobile device is not an uncommon process that has to be done. Since some people depend on their mobile calendars to assist them with managing their day, these calendars are instrumental in making sure that they do not miss important business meetings, dental appointments, medical exams, hair appointments, regular car maintenance upkeep and the like. Therefore, these little electronic calendars are a necessity to having a smooth day. People will also use their calendars to see if they have time available to participate in other activities. With this in mind, there are a number of different reasons why the Android mobile phone calendars will need to be transferred from one Android to another. Such as switching phones or you just want to have the same data in two phones at the same time.

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Then, how to transfer calendar between two Android phones easily? I'd like to introduce the MobiKin Transfer for Mobile (Mac version available) to you. It is the ideal mobile transfer solution for both Android, iOS and Symbian users. This product offers a solution that will assist mobile phone users with initiating a seamless process for a number of different essential mobile transfer functions including transferring content, including contacts, SMS, calendar, call logs, photos, videos, music, apps etc. between two phones, backing up and restoring data. All of which can be done in several simple steps. Once initiated, the user does not have to worry about data being lost, data sync problems, restoring data or other problems that users normally encounter when they are transferring data from one Android phone to another.

Let's see how to transfer calendar between Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, LG G/Optimus, Sony Xperia, Motorola, HTC One and more Android mobile phones by using this handy and powerful Transfer for Mobile software.

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How to Transfer Calendar from Android to Android?

Step 1. Connect the two Android phones to computer

User installs and launches the MobiKin Transfer for Mobile software on their computers. After the installation, the next step is to connect the 2 Android phones via USB cables to their computers.

Step 2. Enter Phone to Phone Transfer option

Once the cable are connected, from the main interface screen, the user will need to click on "Phone to Phone Transfer"option. Based on the user's preference, they will have an option to transfer the files requested to the new mobile phone via specific list (i.e. Calendar, Contacts, Photos, Music, Videos etc.).

Step 3. Copy calendar between the two Android phones

After selecting the calendars the user wants to transfer, the user will click the appropriate arrow to begin the transfer.

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