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Calendars Transfer between HTC and HTC

A common reason for transferring calendars from one HTC phone to another HTC mobile is when the user is giving their old HTC phone to another person and they want to save all of their calendars before giving it over to the new user. It also important for the transfer to be done before they are completely deleted by the new user. However, data transfer is incomplete sometimes due to the USB cables being disconnected temporarily from the mobile phone to the computer. This may be done accidentally by the user when the cables are hooked up. Meaning the transfer process will be interrupted so it will not be carried out successfully.

Then, how to sync all the calendar events from an HTC phone to another HTC phone easier? We would like to introduce the HTC to HTC Transfer to help you. It is an one-stop phone to phone data transfer tool which is able to transfer calendar, as well as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, call logs, notes, apps and etc. between Android, iOS and Symbian devices. It supports all HTC mobile phones like HTC One M8/M9/M10/Desire/Wildfire/Hero, and Samsung, LG, Motorola, Google, Lenovo, Huawei, Sony, ZTE, Nokia, iPhone, etc. It also helps you back up your phone data on computer and restore the backup record back to your phone with 1 click.

When a user starts this process with this HTC to HTC Transfer, they will find that it is very simple for them to do. With a 3 step guide that walks the person through, the user can do their own mobile calendar transferring process with ease. Here are the steps that have been provided below.

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Step 1. Launch HTC to HTC Transfer

To get started, installing and launching the program is essential. After that, use two USB cables to connect the two HTC phones to the same computer. The program detects them and you will see the main interface of the program like the following picture.

launch lenovo to lenovo transfer

Step 2. Enter Phone to Phone Transfer mode

Among 3 different options displayed on the program interface, you should choose the "phone to phone transfer" option. This takes you to a new window with the two connected HTC phones and all the transferable file types displayed.

transfer calendar from lenovo to lenovo

Step 3. Begin calendars transfer between HTC and HTC

Choose "Calendar" from the file types and uncheck other file types that you don't want to transfer. After that, you can click on the Start Transfer button to begin the calendar transfer between the two HTC phones.

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