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Copy Contacts/SMS from Nexus to Android

One of the biggest issues that you need to face after you switch from an old phone to another new one is how to switch the data also between the two phones. And once a phone to phone transfer has been started, it is very important that these processes are not uninterrupted. If interruptions do occur, the problems that the user will encounter may result in the entire transfer process being incomplete. Therefore, the user will need to start the process all over again so that they will not lose any important data that they really want to keep. As copying contacts and SMS from Nexus to Android phone, it is quite time consuming if you doing it manually.

In this article, we tell you how to use third-party tool to transfer contacts and text messages from Google Nexus to Android. Nexus to Android Transfer is the program we want to recommend to you. It provides an efficient and simple way to transfer contacts and text messages, as well as photos, music, videos, and apps from Google Nexus 6/6P/5/5X/4 to another Android devices, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, ZTE, Huawei and so forth. It is such a wonderful tool that supports transferring unlimited contacts and text messages from Nexus to Android with just one click one you have connected both of them to the computer. 

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What's more,  Nexus to Android Transfer also can help you transfer your phone data to computer for backup, and restore the backup files to your phone easily with one click. Want to see how it helps you to copy contacts and SMS from Google Nexus to Android phone with one click? Download the free trial version of the software and keep on reading the following guide.

How to Transfer Contacts/Messages from Nexus to Android?

Step 1. Launch Nexus to Android Transfer on computer

First of all, install and launch the downloaded transfer program on your computer and then run it directly.

device connection

Step 2. Connect Nexus and Android phones to computer

Connect your two phones to your computer via two USB cables. Once connected, the program will start to detect the two connected phones and show them side by side on the interface.

android data transfer

Step 3. Copy contacts/SMS from Nexus to Android

Select the files you want to transfer. Here, you should choose the "Contacts" and "SMS" file types, and click the Start Copy button to start the transfer process from Nexus to Android.

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