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Sync or Copy Music from Motorola to Samsung Galaxy

If you'd like to export iPhone music, you can sync music and songs from iPhone to computer by using iTunes or other method like MobiKin Assistant for iOS Free. How about transferring music from one Android cell phone to another, to be more specific, from Motorola to Samsung? At this moment, you need a program allowing you to copy music between two Android smart phones.

MobiKin Phone Transfer or MobiKin Phone Transfer for Mac is what you exactly need. It is used as a third party program to let you copy music from Motorola to Samsung or from Samsung to Motorola without any hassle. And you can transfer or move other data such as videos, photos, contacts, text messages, and call history, etc. between the smart phones. Not limited to Android phones, the software is compatible with many other smart phones running different operating systems. Here is the sheet that contains the detailed smart phones and data you can transfer using the phone transfer software. Check it out.

Compatible Devices Motorola, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Nexus, Nokia, iPhone, BlackBerry
Specific Models Moto X Pro/X, Samsung Galaxy S/Note 5/4/3, Sony Xperia Z3/Z2/Z1,HTC One M8/M7, LG G3, Nexus 5, Nokia Lumia, iPhone 6 Plus/6, BlackBerry Passport
Transferrable Data Contacts, Text messages, Calender, Call logs, Apps, Photos, Music, Videos

Choose a free trial version, download and install it on your computer before you join us in the guidance in the following parts.

Guide to Move Music from Moto X to Samsung Galaxy Note/S 5/4/3

Step 1. Launch the Software

Launch the software and select the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.

Step 2. Link Moto X and Samsung Galaxy to the Computer

Connect the Moto X and Samsung Galaxy S5 to your computer via USB cables, and then the program will detect them accordingly. You will see the two mobile phone displaying on two panels.

Step 3. Transfer Music from Motorola to Samsung

Tick the "Music" option in the middle of the window and click the transferring icons with a arrow in the middle panel to begin to transfer music from Motorola to Samsung.

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