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Data Transfer between HTC and Google Nexus

With the recent developments in the phone technology, most people are keeping very sensitive data on their phones. Losing the content of your phone is the worst thing that would happen to you. For this reason, most people own more than one phone so that they can use them to store data as well as use the phone in different occasions where it is more applicable due to its features. Therefore, it is inescapable that you need to transfer data between the two phones, just like between HTC and Google Nexus, but encounter with some problems. For example, the direct transfer may tamper with the content of your data where you may end up losing some data, or you may not be able to transfer the data selectively and you take a lot of time to retrieve the data.

All the above challenges have been fully solved through MobiKin Transfer for Mobile (with its Mac version). This is the only program that allows you to selectively transfer data between two phones, such as HTC One M8/M9/Desire/Wildfire and Google Nexus 6/6P/5/5X/4. The data may include; music, videos, apps, professional documents, contacts, messages and other important files saved in your phone. The program is supported by android, Symbian, iPhone, and phones systems hence do not limit you on the phones you can transfer data to. You are able to selectively transfer a batch of files in a click and therefore it saves a lot of time and energy. This allows you to backup your data at any time and hence you are not anxious about losing it.

The program does not require a third party application for it to be effective. Just read the following guide to see how to use the Transfer for Mobile to transfer files between HTC and Google Nexus. We kindly suggest you backup HTC phone on computer to prevent data loss problem, and we also have special guide to teach you how to transfer contacts and SMS from HTC to Nexus.

How to Copy Files between HTC and Google Nexus?

Step 1. Open Transfer for Mobile and connect your devices

Download, install and launch MobiKin Transfer for Mobile on your PC or Mac computer (here we take Mac as example) and connect the two phones - HTC and Google Nexus phones, to the Mac using two USB cables.

mobile phone transfer

Step 2. Now click on the phone to phone transfer

The program will detect the HTC and Google Nexus phone as long as the connection is enabled. Choose the "phone to phone transfer" from the primary interface, click "Start" and all the transferable files are displayed.

mobile phone transfer

Step 3. Transfer data between HTC and Google Nexus

Mark the data you want to transfer and click on either the right or left arrow depending on where you want to transfer files and then on the OK button. A progress bar will show how much data you were able to transfer between the two phones.

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