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Transfer Music, Videos & Apps between two iPhones

Nobody wants to lose their iPhone files, for this reason, one iPhone may be used as a backup and the files transfer is necessary. Files transfer is inevitable, each day you are required to transfer some files from one iPhone to another. This is so since people are widely using iPhones for different reasons. If you have a personal or a business iPhone, you may not go a day without transferring some apps. This is the reason why you should be having a variety of methods that you can use to transfer music, videos and apps between two iPhones, such as iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6, 5S, 5, etc..

Next, we will introduce three different ways for you to transfer files between two iPhones:

Way 1: File Transfer from iPhone to iPhone Using iTunes
Way 2: Transfer Data between Two iPhones Using iCloud
Way 3: Copy Music/Videos/Apps between Two iPhones with Phone Transfer

Way 1: File Transfer from iPhone to iPhone Using iTunes

This is mainly used when we want to transfer files from the old to the new iPhone. This is the most powerful and official way of transferring files between iPhones provided by Apple.

backup iphone with itunes

1. Ensure that you are using the most recent version of iTunes;

2. Connect your old iPhone to the PC using the USB cable.

3. Open the iTunes;

4. Click on the iPhone icon from the main interface and tap on "Backup Now";

5. Ensure that the backup is complete and connect the new iPhone to the PC;

6. Set up your iPhone and restore from the iTunes backup;

7. Select the music; video and apps recent backup from the list and enter the password if necessary.

Way 2: Transfer Data between Two iPhones Using iCloud

This is an easy method and does not require you to have a PC. The methods require an iCloud set up and a good internet connection.

set icloud on iphone

1. Pick the file holder or the older iPhone and ensure it is connected to the internet source;

Go to the settings, click "iCloud", "backup" and tap on backup now;

Open the recipient iPhone and set up the settings;

Click on "restore from iCloud Backup";

Log in the iCloud account and select the backup of your iPhone and choose restore;

Ones the iPhone restoring from a backup is complete, you will be able to access the music, video and apps from the previous iPhone to the new iPhone at ease.

Way 3: Copy Music/Videos/Apps between Two iPhones with Transfer for Mobile

This is the alternative for the file transfer between iPhones with the help of Phone to Phone Transfer. The program will help you transit from your old iPhone to the new one without losing any file. Transfer for Mobile allows for a selective transfer of all the important files, including music, videos, apps, contacts, text messages, etc., you cannot be able to lose safe and sound. The program is fully compatible with the iPhone models and risk-free, including iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5, etc., as well as other Android and Symbian phones. The program enables you to backup files to your Mac and restores any time you want.

transfer from iphone to iphone

Step 1. Once you have connected your two iPhones through the USB cables to the computer, launch the installed transfer program and it will detect the two phones in a short waiting time.

Step 2. There are three options displayed on the main interface of the program, choose the first one called "Phone to Phone Transfer". Then, you will see the two iPhones, along with a list of data that can be transferred shown on the program window.

Step 3. Select the Music, Videos and Apps options only if you just want to transfer these files. Then, click the transfer button to begin the process. The time left for the transfer to complete can be checked through the progress bar.


Just choose the most ideal tool according to your needs. In my opinion, Phone to Phone Transfer program is full-featured and supports not only iPhone, but also Android and Symbian devices, and allows you to transfer almost all file types. Therefore, I prefer this tool among the three solutions above.

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