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Why Root Android Phones?

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With the popularity of the Android phones, many people choose to buy the Android phones apart from iPhone. With the time past by, more and more people tend to root Android phones to enjoy the better performance of the mobile phones. You may feel curious and wonder what advantages it can bring them after rooting the Android phones. This article will give you a detailed description about the advantages and disadvantages of rooting the Android phones.

8 Reasons to Root Android Phones

1. Manage applications freely.

With more than seven hundred thousand Android apps in the market, you can enjoy a great fun by playing the apps. But we all know that you can not download every apps you want to install because some of them are not accept by your Android phone for example the non-approved software. You can manage the Android apps freely means not only you can install the programs that you can not install normally but also you are allowed to uninstall the procedures like the pre-installed applications that were recommended by the carriers or the manufactures. Thus your memory space will be freed up.

2. Improve the appearance of your Android phones.

We know that the standard Android operating system can allow you to customize your Android devices, but you can customize your Android phone to a unparalleled degree after rooting your device. Once you root your phone, there are no files and interfaces that you can not edit as long as you have the ability and energy to do so.

3. Boost the performance of the Android phones.

When you rooted your Android phones, you can manage every aspects of your mobile phone, which will result in the larger memory space and faster operating speed. You will enjoy playing your handsets more than before. What's more, rooting Android phones will also elongate the battery life so that you can use your Android phone for a longer time.

4. Enhance user experience.

Once rooting the Android phones, you will have the access to interact software with external devices and mount external USB drives, which will unlock many hidden functions of the mobile phones. For example, you will be allowed to get access to multi touch gestures, which will improve your experience a lot.

5. Update to the latest operating system.

You can get the newest operating system in the Android's developer community before the manufactures release the latest OS version. Once you root your Android phones, it will be easy to update your device to the latest version as long as you download the version you want in the community. So you can enjoy the newest versions and do not need wait for the manufacturers or carriers to determine when your Android phone can be updated.

6. Block ADs in any applications.

It is annoyed to be interrupt by the advertisements when playing the mobile phone and you will feel more angry when you can not block them. However, rooting your Android phone will offer the accesses to get rid off the ADs as long as you download the ADs free applications after rooting the device.

7. Backup all the Android files seamlessly.

You can only transfer the files like Apps, media files and so on to your computer if you don't root your device. But you are able to copy the system Apps and their files to the computer with no loss.

8. Flash a custom ROM.

A custom ROM means a totally custom version of your Android phone. You can completely control and design your mobile device as you like. For example, you can change the operating system from head to toe, or make the stock Android phone to a non-stock one.

The Potential Downsides to Root Android Phones.

You have to know that the rooting action will voids your warranty, so you have to fix the problems by your own if there is any errors appear in the futures. Of course it is not a problem to the people who keep their phone beyond warranty period. What's more, there's a small probability that you may fail to root your Android phones successfully. And once you failed to root your device, it could completely break your phone forever.

But generally speaking, it is worth it for all the functions, customization and usability you get access to and you will find that the rooting Android devices do more good than harm.

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