MobiKin Assistant for Android (Windows Version)

As one-stop solution, MobiKin Assistant for Android can help you backup, edit or manage your Android contacts, messages, music, photos, movies, etc. on computer directly.

Supported OS:Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

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Backup It All Up with One Click

Many Android users complain that they always mistakenly delete something important when they're using some unfamiliar functions on their Android device. So are you tired of randomly losing stuff from your phone? Now, let's end the fate of lost data on Android with the help of this Android Assistant software. With it, you can backup all data from the device to your desktop computer with one simple click.

Be able to export contacts, text messages, apps, photos, music, movie, books, etc. from Android mobile phones and tablets to computer, so that you can free up more space to get more new files.(Go to here to learn the detailed steps of backing up Android data on desktop computer.)
Restore contacts and messages backup file (.json) to the Android device as you like. (New feature)
Media files like photos, music, videos on your local disk can be loaded into your device via this program.
All exported files will be saved as the original format and quality on the computer. The exported html and txt files can be classified and displayed according to the date.
You are allowed to search the data according to your needs.

Transfer, Edit Your Contacts & SMS Freely

It is no doubt that contacts and text messages can be regarded as the most important data on your Android phones. Losing them always means "Disaster" for their owners. Thus, you have to backup or manage these data systematically in the daily life. To save your time, you can turn to the professional Android file manager program.

One-click to export all your important contacts (phone number) and text conversation to computer and saved as HTML or VCF format.
Import contacts list from your desktop computer to your Android devices easily.
Add, delete or edit any contact info can be done in the program directly. By the way the contacts can be exported to your computer as VCF format.
Texting or mass texting people you want on your computer via this app will be just like a piece of cake. (Click here to learn how to send messages on computer with this Android file manager software.)

Organize Your Apps without Limitation

No one can deny that our life become more colorful due to various applications on the smart phone. So you may need to install or uninstall all kinds of Apps on your device for better enjoyment. But have you ever wondered of finding a tool to help you effectively manage these Apps on Android device? If so, then this program can meet your demands.

Install or uninstall APK files on your Android phone through desktop computer with one simple click.
Backup Apps from Android phones & tablets to computer selectively or in a batch.

Other Highlights of Android Assistant

Besides the features we have listed in the above pages, there are also many other prominent characteristics of this program that you may also interested.

As the best Android manager program on the market, this program have the ability to compatible with almost all popular brands of Android device, including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, etc.
Provide users with two different ways to connect your device to the desktop computer: connect via USB cable or connect wirelessly. (Go to here to learn more details about the apk version of Android Assistant.)
Under the option of "Music", you can set any song as your own ringtones or phone alarm at ease.
No matter the file you saved on your phone's internal flash card or external SD card, it can be well managed with the powerful program.


Users of MobiKin Assistant for Android Have Surpassed 740,000+ Worldwide.

The user evaluation


I love this program for my Samsung Galaxy S4. It really easy to use, especially its mass texting functions. Now, I have used it to send the holiday greetings to all my family and friends in the program at one time. It really saved too much time for me. Thanks!


I used the software yesterday, it did help me a lot. I backed up all the contacts to my computer easily. Well good software!


Yesterday I had to format my Sanmsung because my phone seemed to be infected by viruses and all the files were gone . Then I recovered my phone with the backup that I made with the software. Now everything is all right.


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