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How to Do If the Driver Installed Failed?

When you connect your Android phone or other device to a computer with a USB cable, you always need to install a USB driver on PC then you can complete the connection successfully. This won't be difficult since computer will install it automatically. However, sometimes you may receive a message saying the connection is failed due to the unsuccessful driver installation. Then how to do if the driver installed failed? In this case, you should find a proper driver and install it on your computer manually.

Check the USB Status Before Reinstalling the USB Driver

When the driver installed failed, you should first check the USB port of both your device and computer. You can go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers> Right-click on the name of your device> Properities> General> Device Status to check the status of the device. Here if the USB port does not work well, you will see the yellow symbol. In this case, you should change a USB port. But if the USB port works well, you need to reinstall the driver to fix the issue.

inspect device status

How to Fix Driver Installed Failed Issue?

If there is no any problem with the USB port but the driver is failed to install on your computer, you can try to fix the issueby reinstalling the USB driver manually. Then you may wonder how to perform the installation. Don't worry! You will provide you the detailed tutorial below. You can go with the steps one by one to fix the driver installed failed issue.

Step 1. Download the driver you need

At first, you should go to your Android phone's official website to download and install the driver again. Here, we also have collected the popular Android USB official drivers downloading links in this page: https://www.mobikin.com/android-backup/download-android-usb-driver.html for your reference.

Step 2. Connect your device to computer

After finding and downloading a proper driver, you can connect your phone to computer and then open the Device Manager on PC to view the connected device. Here, you need to expand Other Devices to find your device as the driver for your device failed to install and Windows doesn't know what kind of device you connected.

Step 3. Install the downloaded driver

Now you can start to install the USB driver. Here the methods to install drivers on disparate Windows versions are different so you need to select the right one and follow the steps carefully to complete the installation.

1. Windows 10

To install Android USB driver on Windows 10, you need to:

- Open Computer Management from Windows Explorer and then select Device Manager in the section. Here you can choose to press the "Windows" and "X" buttons at the same time and tap on Device Manager from the Utility menu as well.

- Next, you should locate and expand Portable Devices or Other Devices in the right pane of Device Manager.

- Now you need to find out the name of your device and right click on it to bring up a window and then select Update Driver Software in the window.

- Then choose the option Browse my computer for driver software in the Hardware Update wizard and click Next.

install driver on windows 10

- After that, you should tap on Browse and locate the USB driver folder.

- Finally, you just need to click Next to install the driver.

2. Windows 8.1

If you are using a Windows 8.1 version, you can:

- Access search by pointing to the lower-right corner of the screen with a mouse and then move the mouse pointer up. Then you need to click on Search.

- The next step is to type in Device Manager in the search box and then click on it to open the menu.

- Double-click the device category and then double-click the device you connect.

- At last, you ought to hit the Driver tab can click on Update Driver. Then you can go with the instructions to install the driver.

3. Windows 7

For those who want to install a driver on Windows 7, you are able to:

- Right-click on Computer icon and elect Manage from the listed options.

- Choose Devices in the left panel and then locate and expand Other Devices in the right pane.

- Right-click on the name of your device and choose Update Driver Software in the window, which will launch the Hardware Update Wizard.

install driver on windows 7

- After that, you need to choose the option Browse my computer for driver software and click Next.

- Tap Browse and locate the USB driver folder.

- Now you can tap on Next to start installing the driver.

Step 4. Check the installed driver

When the driver is installed successfully, you can see your Android phone information by right clicking My computer on desktop and choose Management/Manage> Device Manager.

Note: If you still get failed prompts on our program, you can click to learn other solutions or tap Copy button and paste the messages to send to our support center, please also tell us what’s your phone brand, model and Android version.


Final Words

Once you meet a USB driver installation failure, you can go with the steps above to solve the problem easily. And actually, this means is able to fix other driver problems like driver not found error as well so you can also try it when you meet some driver issues. And if you have any problem about this article, please feel free to contact us.

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