MobiKin Assistant for Android (Android Version)

MobiKin Assistant for Android (Android Version) is a free but helpful application that can help you to manage your phone data like photos, videos, music, documents, etc. and speed up your device without any hassle. ( If you wish to manage your phone data on PC, you can purchase the Windows Version to achieve your goal.)

Supported OS: Android 2.0 - 4.4 or above

boost device

Boost Your Android Device Speed Easily

You may not know that lots of hidden yet unnecessary files like caches, app crash files, temp files, etc. have been generated and saved on your Android internal memory with the using of your device. These files will make your phone run slowly. Then in this case, you need MobiKin Assistant for Android (Android version) to help you boost the device with simple clicks.

  • Optimize your Android device by deleting or removing all unnecessary files from the device completely.
  • Fast speed to scan your device and clean the found files with 1 simple click.
  • Free up memory space on your device and improve the performance.
manage phone data

Manage Photos/Videos/Music/Documents on Android with Ease

Finding you have saved too many files like images, videos, songs and documents on your mobile phone and having no idea how to manage them? Don't worry! MobiKin Assistant for Android (Android version) can do you a favor. It can help you to manage your files with simple clicks. With it, you can:

  • View all the pictures/music/videos/documents on your mobile phone.
  • Free to copy all your wanted images, songs, videos, documents and save them in a folder.
  • Delete all or specific photos/songs/videos/documents that you don't like with just one click.
manage sd card files

Manage the SD Card Files as You Like

For gaining more storage space, you may choose to insert a SD card to your device. But after using the card, you will find that managing the files on SD card is not as easy as managing the data saved in internal memory. But with the help of the application, you can complete the management without any hassle.

  • Copy/cut files from one folder and paste it to another folder.
  • Remove the unwanted files from your SD card with one click.
manage app

Simple Clicks to Manage Your Applications

Apart from photos, music, videos, documents and SD card files, this application enables you to manage the applications on your mobile phone as well. With the help of this application, the Android application management can be easily completed.

  • Force stop the running applications on your device, which can help to speed up your device when it is running slowly.
  • Uninstall the applications that are useless or you don't like. This will help to release the storage space of your device and make it run faster.
connect via wifi

Help to Connect Your Android to PC via Wi-Fi or USB Cable

Wish to connect your mobile phone to computer for transferring or recovering files with MobiKin software? Then this application is what you need. It can assist you to build a connection between mobile phone and computer via USB cable as well as Wi-Fi.

Choose the Right Version to Manage Your Android Files

Main Features

Assistant for Android (Android Version)

Assistant for Android (WinMac)

FREE Starting at $29.95
Speed Up Speed up/boost Android device with one click unavailable
Phone Clean Remove/delete hidden, unnecessary, unwanted files from your device unavailable
SMS unavailable Preview, search, import, export, backup, delete, send, resend, forward and copy text messages (resending, forwarding and copying SMS are unavailable on Mac version currently)
Contacts unavailable Preview, search, import, export, delete, add, edit and backup contacts
Call Logs unavailable Preview, search, import, export and delete call logs (unavailable on Mac version currently)
Media Files Copy and delete music, videos, photos on Android phone Preview, search, add, export and delete Android music, videos and photos
Books Copy and delete books in txt, pdf, doc, docx, epub, etc. formats Preview, search, add, export and delete books in txt, pdf, doc, docx, epub, etc. formats
App Force stop the running applications or uninstall the unwanted apps on Android Preview, search, install, uninstall, export Android applications easily
SD Card Copy, delete, cut and paste the files saved in SD card Preview, search, manage all the files saved in SD card without restriction
Android to PC Transfer unavailable Transfer contacts, messages, call logs (unavailable on Mac version currently), media files, apps and books from Android phone to PC
PC to Android Transfer unavailable Sync contacts, messages, call logs (unavailable on Mac version currently), media files, apps and books from PC to Android device
Backup & Restore unavailable Backup all Android data and restore the backup files with one click
Take Screenshots unavailable Capture and save your Android screen to computer (unavailable on Mac version currently)
 Multiple Devices Management
unavailable Manage multiple Android devices on computer simultaneously


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Users of MobiKin Assistant for Android Have Surpassed 740,000+ Worldwide.

The user evaluation


I love this program for my Samsung Galaxy S4. It really easy to use, especially its mass texting functions. Now, I have used it to send the holiday greetings to all my family and friends in the program at one time. It really saved too much time for me. Thanks!


Yesterday I had to format my Sanmsung because my phone seemed to be infected by viruses and all the files were gone . Then I recovered my phone with the backup that I made with the software. Now everything is all right.


All-new interface design makes the using experience become more comfortable, and I found the performance of your tool have gained a rapidly improved. I just installed the program on my PC for a couple of years, and every version of your app I have tried in the past times. I hope all of you will continue to improve the program in the future.

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