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I can say that I made right decision to choose MobiKin Backup Manager for Android. They follow one simple rule: You EXACTLY get what you pay for.
They do a great job in backup management.
The reliability and support have been flawless.
The control panel works very well.
All in all, Personally I am really happy to deal with them - their work is based on quality.


Extremely easy process to order from start to finish - and very great assistance when backing up my files to pc. Definitely will be purchasing again.


I went in looking to make a cheap purchase of Android backup tool. Was not disappointed. Would buy stuff again.


WOOHOO! You guys are awesome! The connection page speed is very good. And Its very reliable and easy to use, I couldn't ask for anything more. My dealings with MobiKin have been top notch, thank you so much, MobiKin team.


Mobikin Backup Manager is a good and better than the best, according to me. Because I have used many ways to back up my files, this is the simplest one. Superb!


I have to say this product truly does what it says. It allowed me to back up everything from my Android phone to computer and restore it back to phone with only one click. Highly recommended!

Julie Carol

I bought this so I could transfer all the precious photos from my Mum's Samsung Galaxy S8 to my Mac. All that I did is just plugging the device into my Mac and then I can access and manage the device via Mac easily. I am a happy customer and would recommend to all who are looking for such a program.

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