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End User License Agreement

IMPORTANT: Please read the following terms carefully before downloading, installing, and using this MobiKin Software ("this product"). Your downloading, installing and using the product or clicking "I accept" means that you acknowledge that you have read this agreement and fully understand and comply with all its terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not download, install and use the products and receive services, or click "I accept".

This MobiKin Software End User License Agreement (EULA or Agreement or License) is a legal agreement established between the end user (hereinafter referred to as You or Licensee or An Individual or A Business Organization), and MobiKin, the developer and owner of the program and software ("MobiKin"). In exchange for the use of this product, you agree to the following terms:

1. License

1.1 Licensing. MobiKin grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to download, install, back up, and use the product and its accompanying services (collectively the "Products"), including the product All documents and files. You may not sell, rent, resell, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, or create derivative works of the Software. All rights not expressly authorized are reserved by MobiKin.

1.2 Limitations. The validity of authorization depends on the following conditions:

(i) This product has not been modified in any way;

(ii) The installation and use of this product does not violate MobiKin's safety rules;

(iii) You have obtained the necessary authorizations and qualifications to install and use this product;

(iv) You paid all necessary expenses;

(v) This agreement has been accepted without reservation and modification and has not been violated.

1.3 Registration. When registering your product, you must provide accurate information and keep it updated. Before you complete the necessary registration process, MobiKin may limit your use of the product. You may be required to choose your username and password and be responsible for keeping it confidential. If you find any unauthorized use of your account, you must notify MobiKin immediately.

1.4 Upgrade. MobiKin may provide upgrades for this product. Some upgrades are automatic and there is no reminder.

2. Ownership

2.1 The user does not own the software. This product has not been sold to users. MobiKin reserves the right to investigate your ownership and all its intellectual property rights.

2.2 Copyright. This product is protected by intellectual property laws of China and other countries, including copyright law, trademark law, and patent law. All rights not granted to you are reserved by MobiKin. You may not remove MobiKin's copyright marks or other rights notices from this product.

2.3 Content. The rights of any content, including files, links, images and text, and any content that can be obtained through this product, belong to its author and are the responsibility of it. You assume the product's own security risks and damages resulting from inspection of the product or the content of the product. MobiKin is caused by the use of or trust by you in any content, goods, services or information provided by any third party. Damage or loss is not responsible.

Users commit to respect intellectual property. Users use this software to copy, forward or otherwise re-distribute network content, and the user is solely responsible for the legitimacy of the conduct. If such use is legally authorized by the obligee, the user undertakes to perform such operations only after obtaining the obligee's permission. The legal liability for the use, copying, or distribution of the content is the responsibility of the user.

2.4 Submit. Any information pushed to MobiKin is owned by MobiKin or its affiliates. Unless otherwise specified, the submission is not considered confidential and MobiKin assumes no responsibility for its use or disclosure. In addition to the text, MobiKin has the right to use any submitted information without restriction and without compensation to the provider.

3. Constraint

3.1 Legal use. This product can only be used for legitimate purposes. You are responsible for ensuring that you use this product in accordance with this agreement and any related laws, regulations, rules, rules, regulations and other government agencies.

3.2 Compliance. You should

(1) Do not interfere with or disturb the services of the network connected to MobiKin;

(2) compliance with all rules, policies, and procedures for network connectivity services;

(3) Infringe the privacy or intellectual property rights of third parties without using the product;

(4) Do not use the product to publish or transmit any files containing malicious programs;

(5) Not attempting to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems;

(6) Do not use products to disseminate any unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, violent, threatening, intimidating, harmful, vulgar, obscene, offensive, or any other form of similar bad information.

4. Termination

4.1 Deadline. This agreement is valid until you or MobiKin terminates.

4.2 Termination by you. You may terminate this Agreement at any time by deleting all backup software under your control.

4.3 Terminated by MobiKin. MobiKin can terminate this agreement and terminate it at any time by posting a notice on the website or sending a termination message at your registered email address. MobiKin may monitor excessive use of information systems and may require technical or other remedial measures to prevent or eliminate any overuse deemed necessary. If you think you are overused, MobiKin can terminate your account or adjust the price of the product.

4.4 When the agreement terminates, you must immediately stop using the product and remove all copies so that no related software can find any backup on your computer. Upon termination, MobiKin may prohibit the further use of the product without notice and may delete any account information, any backup data stored on MobiKin. These deletions are unilateral rights to MobiKin and do not require further notice to you.

5. Compensation

5.1 Compensation. In the event of your breach of this agreement or the information you provide infringing the legitimate rights and interests of a third party resulting in direct or indirect debt or loss, you shall indemnify (i) MobiKin (ii) MobiKin's subsidiary (iii) MobiKin's All debts, losses, fees, or expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) (and collectively "losses") of directors, managers, employees, and agents (each "person") of subordinate companies.

5.2 Compensation Procedures. MobiKin can notify you to ask for compensation in time. However, MobiKin's failure to notify will not relieve you of your indemnity obligations, except to a certain extent, failing to inform you in time to cause substantial damage to you.

5.3 Additional responsibilities. Your obligation to compensate is not the sole remedy for MobiKin. In addition, MobiKin may take other remedial measures in accordance with this Agreement. Your liability for compensation still exists after the termination of this agreement.

6. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

6.1 Internet. You acknowledge that the product is subject to network communication equipment and Internet connection services, all of which are outside the control of MobiKin.

6.2 Disclaimer of Warranty. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, MobiKin expressly declares that it will not make any guarantee, and it shall be exempted from any warranty obligations such as guaranteeing the merchantability of this product and its suitability for a particular purpose to the maximum extent permitted by law. MobiKin does not warrant that (1) the product will meet your needs or expectations or (2) the access to the product will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free.

6.3 Damage Limitation. MobiKin and its branches, and all damages caused to you by their managers, directors, partners, employees, and contractors, are limited to the amount you use to pay for the products. You waive your right to claim compensation for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including, without limitation, loss of profits, income, use, or loss of data and applications, even if MobiKin is aware of the possibility of such loss. Whether (1) or natural causes of liability, including infringement claims, (2) the number of claims, (3) the degree or nature of compensation, and 4) whether there are other provisions of this agreement that have been violated or proved to be invalid, these restrictions All should be effective to the maximum extent permitted by law.

6.4 Data Transmission. Downloading all materials and/or data through this product is done at your own risk. You should take full responsibility for using or owning the data or materials. MobiKin is not responsible for monitoring any information or materials transmitted through this product.

Exception 6.5. If any legal and legal rights do not allow disclaimer, this disclaimer and limitation of liability clause are valid to the maximum extent permitted by law.

6.6 Restrictions on compensation. Except for actions or declarations related to the obligation to make compensation, all actions or declarations related to this Agreement must be filed within one (1) year from the date of occurrence of the relevant cause.

7. Privacy Policy

7.1 Scanning Information. The information scanned by the software includes phone data, browser history, browser cookie information, software usage traces, etc. The above information can be viewed on the computer in plain text, and privacy cleaning will not be scanned. Encrypted content.

The file types scanned by this software include: registry, database, text files, etc. The path position of the scanned file is displayed on the software interface to protect the user's right to know. This software will not scan files that the user actively hides and encrypts.

7.2 Collect information.

We do not collect or store personal privacy information and sensitive information of users, such as the user's name, telephone number, address, etc., nor do they disclose or transfer user's personal information to third parties.

In order to further improve your user experience in using MobiKin's security clearance process and provide you with better services, we will collect necessary non-personal information during the process of providing services to you, including equipment information, system information, and user use. Behave and analyze these data to provide you with more up-to-date, intimate services. For example, to help us understand the problems users face when using software and services to improve the quality, performance, and security of software and services.

(1) In order to provide users with software upgrade prompting services, relevant information about users installing software will be reported;

(2) In order to provide users with functional services such as intelligent cleanup, MobiKin will only report information on the installation, start-up, and uninstallation of its own software; in order to provide users with web site access to privacy protection functions, etc., the server needs to calculate and issue instructions. The function will match the relevant information such as the URL accessed by the user, but will not be associated with the specific user; it will only be used to determine whether the URL is a dangerous phishing URL or a sensitive pornographic website, etc., and will not upload the website information accessed by the user;

(3) The user's clear and objective reflection of the software's operating status and usage behavior information, etc., on the MobiKin Server's basic record information and related information, such as software usage data, software upgrade request information.

7.3 Use. In order to better improve the information required for MobiKin's security and privacy clearance technologies and services, the user agrees that MobiKin has the right to use the user's information resources in the following circumstances:

(1) Perform software verification or upgrade services;

(2) Improve user safety and provide customer support;

(3) Improve or improve software technologies and services, for example, to help us understand problems encountered by users when using software and services, and help us improve the quality, performance, and security of software and services;

(4) Sending notifications for users and service information provided by MobiKin;

(5) MobiKin Privacy Clearing may cooperate with third parties to provide users with relevant network services, and the third party agrees to assume the same responsibility as Mobikin Security to protect user privacy;

(6) Without revealing the privacy information of individual users, MobiKin may analyze the user database and generate statistical data;

(7) Other use behaviors that are beneficial to the user's interests and the functions of the software.

7.4 Security. MobiKin attaches great importance to user information protection. Any collected data will be used anonymously. At the same time, we will also encrypt the collected data to ensure the security of the information.

7.5 Exclusions. MobiKin will take reasonable measures to protect user information, and will not disclose or disclose user information to third parties except in the following cases:

(1) Government department requirements based on the law or legal authority;

(2) In the event of an emergency, to safeguard the rights of users and the public;

(3) To maintain the trademarks, patent rights, and any other legal rights of MobiKin;

(4) User agrees to disclose user information.

7.6 Responsibility. The use of third-party services or equipment by the user may result in the user's information being disclosed to third parties in other ways. The user is required to understand the relevant provisions of the third-party user information protection. MobiKin shall not bear the resulting risks.

Users can choose not to provide user information to MobiKin, or cancel MobiKin to collect certain information according to product settings.

MobiKin does not assume responsibility for the failure of the user to provide information to MobiKin and the related service functions cannot be used normally. In the course of performing subpoena obligations, administrative orders or other legal procedures, MobiKin may be required to disclose relevant information. MobiKin may also voluntarily disclose certain information, if it is deemed necessary to protect certain security or rights, or to protect MobiKin's rights under this agreement.

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