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What is a "1-Year Subscription" and "Automatic Renewal Service"?

1. What is "1-Year Subscription"?

"1-Year Subscription" is a subscription type that you can choose while purchasing our products (MobiKin Assistant for Android, Doctor for Android, Assistant for iOS, Eraser for iOS, Transfer for Mobile). If you choose this subscription, you can use the purchased license code for one year. After 1 year, the "Automatic Renewal Service" will renew the license automatically. But you can select to cancel the subscription as well.

2. What is "Automatic Renewal Service"?

The payment platform (MyCommerce) will charge the renewal fee automatically (plus applicable taxes) when your 1-Year License is expired, which is called "Automatic Renewal Service". If you don't want to renew the product, you can choose to turn off the service as well.

Here, the whole renewal transaction is based on the Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy of Digital River. And if you have any question about the renewal, you can go to the Customer Service Help page of MyCommerce.

auto renewal service

How to Cancel 1-Year Subscription?

The payment platform MyCommerce provides the "Automatic Renewal Service" for you, which means it will renew your 1- Year Subcription automatically. So if you want to cancel the subscription, you need to turn off the service. (Notice: After turning off the Automatic Renewal Service, you can continue to use the license code for this year.)

Here is how to turn off the auto renewal service:

Way 1. Turn off the Automatic Renewal Service via E-mail

7 days before the expiration, the platform will send you an e-mail to inform you and provide the instructions to cancel the "Automatic Renewal Service". So please always keep an eye on the e-mails sent from MyCommerce. After receiving the e-mail, you can simply follow the instructions to cancel the service. When the order is canceled successfully, you will receive an e-mail telling you that "Your subscription order has been cancelled". Then the platform won't charge you and the webpage won't show you any other prompt information.

Tips: If you wish to continue using the software but fail to renew it automatically, it is mainly because of the outdated credit card. To solve this problem, you need to go to to update your credit info. 

Way 2. Cancel Subscription on MyCommerce

Since the order is handled by MyCommerce, you can cancel the subscription on the platform directly. Here is how:

- Enter the "ORDER SEARCH" page of MyCommerce by clicking the link: On this page, you need to type in the email address that you used to purchase the software and your order number. After that, you can tap on "SEARCH".

order search page

- Then the search results will be displayed on the next interface. Just click on the order ID to enter the "Order Lookup" page.

search results page

- On the "Order Lookup" interface, the products you purchased will be displayed. Just find out the wanted product and click on it.

look up your order

- Go on to tap on "cancel subscription" to cancel the recurring payment.

cancel 1 year subscription

After that, the platform will send an e-mail with the theme of "Your subscription order has been canceled" to you within 2 business days. When you receive such an e-mail, that means your subscription cancellation has succeeded. However, the order status won't be changed immediately, so please don't click the "cancel subscription" option repeatedly.

Tips: If you do not receive the e-mail within 2 business days, please go to check the trash bin of your mailbox. If it is not there, please contact Mycommerce via

Way 3. Cancel Subscription on PayPal

You can select to handle the order on PayPal as well. The followings are the detailed steps:

- Visit the page,-modify,-or-cancel-my-pre-approved-payments-faq1916 and then login with your PayPal account.

- Tap on "Settings" and continue to choose the "Payment" option.

- Go to "Pre-approved payments" and tap on "Manage pre-approved payments" under the section.

- Choose the merchant's name whose payment you want to view, modify or cancel, such as MyCommerce.

- Go with the prompts on the screen to complete the subscription cancellation process.

How to Get a Refund after Renewing 1-Year Subscription?

Please kindly understand that according to our Refund Policy, a refund for the automatic renewal product is not supported. That's because:

When you enter the order page, MyCommerce would remind you of the Auto Renewal Service and tell you how to turn off the service. (Here, the whole renewal transaction is based on the Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy of Digital River. And if you have any question about the renewal, you can go to the Customer Service Help page of MyCommerce.)

auto renewal service

And while the order is completed, an e-mail will be sent to tell you the way to cancel the subscription as well. What's more, 7 days before your subscription expires, MyCommerce will send you an e-mail again to inform you of the expiration and renewal.That means you can cancel the subscription any time before the expiration of 1 year. (Here, in order to know the subscription info timely, please keep an eye on your mailbox.)

However, if you meet the refund requirements of our Refund Policy and wish to get a refund, please submit a refund order by following the steps in "How Can I Get A Refund".


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