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How to Get Free License from MobiKin?

Interested in MobiKin products but feel the price is a little bit higher for you? Now, MobiKin provides all customers with a chance to experience all products for free. What you only need to do is to "Like" or "Follow" us on Facebook and Twitter, then write a review and share it on your websites, bloggers or forums. Then, submit the review link to us and you'll get a chance to win a free license code on the product you have reviewed.

Firstly, get to know the rules of this activity

There are 3 main methods to get the chance of free license code:

1) Website/Blog/Forum Review

As a webmaster, blogger or forum moderator, you can choose to join this event with product reviews. Specifically, you can write an article to review any product on MobiKin and post it on your website. By the way, it is worth mentioning that please make sure your website/blog/forum is related to technology/utilities/computers/software tools, and your site should be Alex 500000 or less.

2) Video Review

Want to record a video? It is also appreciated if you record a video of MobiKin products and share it on YouTube. Here please make sure that your YouTube subscribers exceed 100.

3) Comment Review

In any case, if you share or promote MobiKin software by submitting comments on forums or other websites, please make sure that the discussions are related to the program, the word number of your comments is not less than 100, and the forum should be Alex 100000 or less.

Now, let's try to get the free license code step by step

Step 1. Choose a MobiKin product

Select the required software from the store page. Then, you can check its features in details on the website and try it for free. MobiKin offers users free trial versions for all products.

Step 2. Write a review for MobiKin product

After trying the software, please write a review, sharing your experience using MobiKin software on your websites, blogs or forums. And it is great of you to share the review with the Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube channel.

Note: You can review the product by way of articles, videos or comments. You can choose one of them according to your needs.

Step 3. Submit your review link to us

When your review still exists, you can directly contact our support team via email:

Step 4. Save the free license code

Once your review is confirmed and complies with our regulations, we will send the free license code to you by email. Please remember to check your inbox to save the free license code. After that, you can freely enjoy all benefits of your chosen MobiKin software.


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