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The pricing is always well-worth everything. There is no hassle, just good service and value.


Amazing Site, well worth a look. Lot's of Android and iOS software are on here and they are all cheap. I got the Backup Manager  cheaper than expected, instantly and the code worked. It was fantastic.


After purchasing backup manager from MobiKin I have noticed how easy it is to manage my files. I came into this without much experience, but everything was easy to follow. Recommended this for all Android users.


It is great backup manager if you mention about price, performance, and features. And the most impressive aspect of MobiKin is the reaction time for technical queries. Anytime I needed a question answered they provided quick and knowledgeable answer and help.


It is a very intuitive and easy-to-use tool to backup&restore Android files. Although its not completely free, the features satisfy me, worked great. Overall a very satisfying experience. Thanks.


This was the best choice by far after my horrific experience with another backup tool. I was able to download and install on Windows 10 without any problems at all. Definitely wonderful!


Surprised by the program that its prices are cheap in comparison to others. However, the quality met my expectations perfectly...I would give this 5 stars .Well done , you will get my vote every time.


Just simply amazing,it's a small program so it doesn't take up much memory, but it's just amazing.It works fast and powerful.
Best program I ever used!

Nikos Stilidis

All good! The software has a simple and efficient design, the installation process was simple enough and it's quite easy to control. I can manage huge files easily.


This is without a doubt the best Android backup manager I've ever used.I have tried lots of others,but nothing is as flexible and thorough.It has a simple interface that's easy to maneuver,which has saved me many times.

Shirley West

I just used this software to successfully back up all contacts, photos, videos, etc. on my Samsung S9. It only took a few minutes. And I found that it can also restore these backup files to a new Android phone. Great!


I have to say this software is amazing. It successfully helped me restored the former backup that I had cleaned up by mistake. This is so cool! By the way, it restores quickly and is easy to operate.

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