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Scott Inifiause

Awesome customer support......responsive in case of a minor error arises and gives efficient solution of it.


Great ui and easy-to-follow, basic app manager.


Good work, including a robust SMS message manager and  the capability for content backup and restore.


Excellent compatibility with Mac OS. One minor recommendation would be to include a feedback section on the software interface.


I spent several days looking for a reliable backup and management tool. And Mobikin finally brought my search to a successful conclusion.


Life saver! It has been an important assistant for data management when I get a new Galaxy phone.

Emilelio .Gz

Seamlessly transfer files from my OnePlus to macOS...Really real to me!


A robust tool for managing Android devices on Mac. HASSLE-FREE solution!


As a Mac user, finding a reliable tool for managing my Android device has always been a challenge. However, Mobikin has been nothing short of exceptional.


It simplifies my Android management tasks. From transferring media files to syncing contacts, everything happens seamlessly.


An enjoyable trial experience. LOVELY..


Smooth and quick. But I'd like to see some tweaks to the interface


The capability to edit and manipulate my android data on my mac is a huge plus. Sound!


During my testing, I encountered no issues connecting and managing my device on my macOS


Can be included in the list of mac tool for my Wiko phone.


I discovered this tool through giveawayoftheday. It has been demonstrated that utilizing it for Android phone management is more effective than certain other tools.


suitable combination for my Mac with my Sony phones.


Assistant for Android allowed me to organize, edit, and export contacts with just a few clicks. The ability to merge duplicate contacts and manage them efficiently is a real time-saver for me.


Ta-Dah! This tool organized my contacts and messages effortlessly, making my itel phone management  trouble-free.


Its seamless compatibility with macOS, intuitive interface, and comprehensive features make it a handy tool for my old Motorola Android.


No more struggling to find a tool that works well with macOS and Android – MobiKin has nailed it......


It's quick, reliable, and does exactly what it promises, allowing me to manage my Realme photos on my Mac without any technical skills.


It has significantly improved my Android device management, especially with my OnePlus. Its seamless compatibility with macOS, intuitive interface, and comprehensive features make it an invaluable tool. From effortless file transfers to efficient data backups, it simplifies Android device management effectively. If you're a Mac user seeking to optimize your Android experience, this software is a must-have.


Versatile! It allows me to transfer files, backup data, and even send text messages directly from my computer.


Being a long-time Mac user, I was thrilled to discover this app. I can now update my Samsung contacts from my Mac without switching devices.


MobiKin Assistant for Android surpassed my expectations! It simplifies Android device management with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. From effortless file transfers to reliable data backups, it's an essential tool for effective device organization.

Zephyr Eag

I had a minor issue during use, but the MobiKin Team was extremely helpful and guided me through the process to resolve it.


The ability to export contacts to CSV makes managing my contacts a breeze. I can easily maintain a centralized database and sync it with my CRM system effortlessly.


A go-to tool for keeping my Galaxy data safe and organized! Promptly maintained a copy of my images, contacts, videos, and more on your computer.


So happy that I chose MobiKin Assistant for my data manager. The file transfer speed is fast and the interface is clear, without any ads. I can backup all my files conveniently.


Good company for buying cheap Android assistant software. And It is clean and fun to see tech guide out there!


Wow, what a great experience. I had never heard of this website until earlier today and now I won't use anything else! I had anxiously been managing all the files on the Mac for saving them better. The key codes were delivered within 3 minutes of purchase and worked perfectly. Will be using this for data manage from now on!


I like this software,so helpful! After it scans it gives you a choice of what to do with the files. There was a number of files in my phone,so backup regularly is necessary to ensure they will not be lost.MobiKin makes this task simple and fast.Positive experience with it :)


Personally, this is the best file management software I have ever used.Five star for its stability and reliability.Very pleased with it.


Great data manage for LG, I can prevew and manage all my files on this tool effectively. Cool


Good manager tool for Samsung. I have used it for a couple of days, and really easy to use.


Have used Assistant for Android Mac for a few months now and at the outset it was the only app that could really easily manipulate the contacts and data on a phone and backup and restore reliably. The latest version is really superb!


I have used MobiKin for a long time and it has been extremely helpful to back up all my Android devices data. I would definitely recommend it!!!


Amazing tool! I love it and it really a good assistant for my Samsung S7.


I am new to the Samsung S6 and thought the all data were safe on the device. I deleted something important from the device and they were totally gone. So I wish to find a tool to help me backup data in the daily life. I didn't have to pay for the program until I was sure it is really useful on my device. Thanks


I think it is useful and I just back up all my Android files on my PC with the software. But I want to have more discount!


I have bought two softwares of this brand and I think they are pretty good. The transfer software helped me to transfer file between my phone and computer freely.


The software worked well. Thanks to the software, I transferred the contacts, photos and some other files from my old Sony phone to the computer and then copy them to my new Samsung Galaxy S6! (^O^)


Wow! This software works great with my HTC One. Helps me to remove contacts quickly from my phone to the Mac disk. A lot more to discover! Thanks.

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