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So happy that I chose MobiKin Assistant for my data manager. The file transfer speed is fast and the interface is clear, without any ads. I can backup all my files conveniently.


Good company for buying cheap Android assistant software. And It is clean and fun to see tech guide out there!


Wow, what a great experience. I had never heard of this website until earlier today and now I won't use anything else! I had anxiously been managing all the files on the Mac for saving them better. The key codes were delivered within 3 minutes of purchase and worked perfectly. Will be using this for data manage from now on!


I like this software,so helpful! After it scans it gives you a choice of what to do with the files. There was a number of files in my phone,so backup regularly is necessary to ensure they will not be lost.MobiKin makes this task simple and fast.Positive experience with it :)


Personally, this is the best file management software I have ever used.Five star for its stability and reliability.Very pleased with it.


Great data manage for LG, I can prevew and manage all my files on this tool effectively. Cool


Good manager tool for Samsung. I have used it for a couple of days, and really easy to use.


Have used Assistant for Android Mac for a few months now and at the outset it was the only app that could really easily manipulate the contacts and data on a phone and backup and restore reliably. The latest version is really superb!


I have used MobiKin for a long time and it has been extremely helpful to back up all my Android devices data. I would definitely recommend it!!!


Amazing tool! I love it and it really a good assistant for my Samsung S7.


I am new to the Samsung S6 and thought the all data were safe on the device. I deleted something important from the device and they were totally gone. So I wish to find a tool to help me backup data in the daily life. I didn't have to pay for the program until I was sure it is really useful on my device. Thanks


I think it is useful and I just back up all my Android files on my PC with the software. But I want to have more discount!


I have bought two softwares of this brand and I think they are pretty good. The transfer software helped me to transfer file between my phone and computer freely.


The software worked well. Thanks to the software, I transferred the contacts, photos and some other files from my old Sony phone to the computer and then copy them to my new Samsung Galaxy S6! (^O^)


Wow! This software works great with my HTC One. Helps me to remove contacts quickly from my phone to the Mac disk. A lot more to discover! Thanks.

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