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My phone screen was slightly cracked, and this utility helped me get my data well-organized.

Geekea Qs.

Supports the latest android system.. without misleading information.. great experience!


Great for editing and sending SMS messages on my pc windows


My friend's belief, along with my own observation, has confirmed the fact.  YYYYY!


Not merely a novelty.


Backed up my contacts to my computer, and mobikin did it well, fast and in an easy way!


No worries...One of the standout features is its comprehensive device management capabilities.


Bonus - A new addition to the toolbox


prompt customer support add to the overall POSITIVE experience^^^


It does support the latest android 14. GOOD


For basic Kyocera backup and management, it's excellent.


Elicited a prompt response, making it an overall positive investment.


Elicited a prompt response, making it an overall positive investment.



I found MobiKin Assistant for Android to be exceptionally fast and efficient. It completes data transfers and backups quickly and seamlessly, saving me valuable time.


Mobikin took my chaos and turned it into order. Now, I can navigate my phone without getting lost in clutter. Brilliant!


With MobiKin Assistant, I was able to effortlessly transfer, backup, and restore various types of data including contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, and more. The process is swift and reliable.


MobiKin Assistant for Android worked fine on my Xiaomi Mi 10, though it had some minor slowdowns while backing up large files. Hoping for improvements in future updates.


I'm not an Apple user, but I always envied the simplicity of iTunes. MobiKin Assistant for Android has
brought that same level of uncomplicatedness and convenience to my Android device!!


A handy tool for managing SMS on my Alcatel phone. It has saved me a lot of time. I wish it had a few more advanced features for video organization...


MobiKin Assistant for Android truly impressed me. It simplifies handling my Google Pixel with its user-friendly interface and powerful features. An essential tool for effective Android device management.


I was able to sort through my SMS messages with ease and neatly organize my photos into folders. It's user-friendly and efficient...


MobiKin Assistant for Android is a true gem, especially for my Samsung Galaxy S21. It simplifies device management effortlessly, boasting user-friendly controls and a host of practical features. A must for keeping my phone organized!


It tackled the challenge of managing my old Sony phone elegantly. While it didn't perform miracles, it
noticeably improved performance and made my device feel fresher.


Handy! I've been using MobiKin to manage my SMS and images on my Galaxy phone. It's straightforward to use. The only downside is that the trial version has limitations, but overall, it's amazing.


Smooth and efficient LG phone backup with MobiKin Assistant! The software handled the process effortlessly, and I now have a complete backup on my PC.


MobiKin Assistant for Android is a top-notch tool for efficiently managing Android devices. With its user-friendly interface, extensive features, and smooth device synchronization, it simplifies the process of organizing and optimizing Android devices. From easy file transfers to reliable data backups, it's an essential companion for effective device management.


I love how MobiKin Assistant lets me directly organize my Android contacts and SMS on my computer. The ability to do it on my PC is incredibly convenient. Reliable!


A must-have tool for me to streamline Android management! Its sleek design and advanced features make managing and transferring my Galaxy S22 effortless.


MobiKin Assistant for Android is a lifesaver! It simplifies the process of managing and transferring data between my Android device and PC. It's reliable, user-friendly, and has become an essential tool in my digital toolkit. Highly impressed!




I've used Assistant for Android for a while, it was very simple to install and use. And I was able to backup all files easily now. Reliable and professional software!


I got great technical service from MobiKin support center. They helped me to solve a issue with paticience. Great assistance. Highly recommend MobiKin team. Thanks for help.


The support center was extremely helpful and polite, they also solved my problem very quick. So I can suggest it to everyone.


Thanks for Mobikin, this tool helped me a lot of time to transfer important data, files, messages, and everything that matters to me from my mobile device to laptop, and worked smoothly.


Use MobiKin Assistant for Android for several years and never have any problem, very simple to use for the average pc user. It takes only a few minutes to backup all my files. Price is also low, for the lifetime version.


I'm pretty happy with this software, as I've spend hours and hours backing up my files from the phone to pc, and MOBIKIN made it in a matter of minutes!!! Great software!


I had a lifetime license for MobiKin Assistant for Android. My old device died and I got a new one. I restore my backup on the new device easily. Thanks.


The interface is clean and no ads. It helps me save time of managing files. Trustworthy software.


Very useful backup tool.

Simple, intuitive and powerful. I always trust in the backups done with MobiKin Assistant for Android.


Really good experience with the backup process...used multiple times to back up my photos (3+ times in one month). As the backup function is extremely easily.


I purchased MobiKin Assistant for Android to perform backups of my Samsung S21 onto my PC.
Everything works really well. Simple to use and runs relatively quickly. Surprisingly low load on my PC.


Fast and efficient in backing up my files. Very helpful.


This is a great tool. You can learn and get followers with simple steps. I really liked my experience with it.


very good,  it's easy and usefull


FAST AND EASY... enjoying my data management process and will be back to get more tools in future. Thank you!


Very simple and to the point. Confirmation email took a little too long to receive, but other than that everything went smoothly.


Product works well. I use it a lot. :)


real good app


Third time ordering/using their products. Quality has always been very good. The team at Mobikin has also done a reasonably good job in responding to customers inquiries. Professional and courteous. Only problem experienced to date is the inordinate amount of time it takes to scan the files. The team stated that the delays were due to the large number of files but I also experienced an long wait.


Backup services work great. Unfortunately restore takes the full version. I wish they had been more direct about this. Lost several years worth of stuff off of my phone due to the fact i can't restore it.


MobiKin have been very good about file management. So quick in resolving problems.
But they need a little bit of work in UI design.
The price is attractive. 4 stars from me.


I have to say MobiKin Assistant is really good. Their support knows what they are doing and can solve issues fast.
Any questions I've had have been answered quickly. They've gone out of their way to help me even when the problem was my own lack of knowledge.
And it seems to be faster than other I've used in the past.
The price is also pretty impressive
I would highly recommend this tool.


I needed a lot of additional help getting files backed up as it was so huge, and I can honestly say that I'm confident in the efficient, and powerful software. It is very professional and user friendly. Highly recommend!


Simple, safe, and fast to get what I wanted from your website. I've been recommending to my friends! :)


East design/ordering process, 100% happy using Mobikin Assistant for Android.


I looked into a few reviews because i was a little sketched out. I couldn't recommended anything else  because it is so flipping amazing! I got my code less than 5 minutes later. And their customer service is fantastic, they helped me and answered all my questions before and after my purchase. They are high knowledgeable as well.
MobiKin will be my first choice when I need to buy software.


Googled for a Android assistant at a affordable price. Mobikin came up as top link. I went to the site, ordered this product, Without any hassles. Input payment details, Paid, and was presented with my license code in under 3 minutes.


Impossibly fast!

I logged in, ordered, paid and had my key all within 10 minutes.

The process was streamlined. Thank you!


MobiKin is rated at the top of my list for a satisfying experience. It took some research, viewing various places and participating on forums over at least a week. They have fast file transfer speed. I am 100% satisfied client and can honestly say this file manager is trustworthy one.


Very professional tool for managing Android files. Very quick response, good quality and affordable rates.


The best thing about MobiKin Assistant was that not only did it do excellent work, it was very convenient. Totally outstanding program.


There is only one program that's so easy to manage my huge files - MobiKin!
Its the simplist, most effective tool I have ever used. So happy with it.


As I expected, this software works quite well! Its very lite file manager that can be used to manage lots of data on your Android phone. If you're looking for best file manager,its going to be the perfect option that is completely without ads.

ryan nelsen

I am only using the free version at the moment but it helps me drastically in my work, I fix phones and laptops that have been locked out, but I am also a private investigator , specialize in divorce and this allows me to quicky dertermain if one or both aries were unfaithful. If I like this rogram I will for sure buy yhem all, unsure however if the full is worth the money, you should let us samle the full for week, because I will buy them all if good.


Thank you!
It helps me print some important text messages.


Good software. With the help of it, I transfer all the photos from my Samsung Galaxy to pc within several minutes! It is really effective!


Good software,work out all of my problem.

Annie Guan

I have used Mobikin for a couple of days, and it really helpful to backup all my device data. I could like to recommend this powerful tool!

Johnk Beckham

An easy helpful for data transfer.
Thanks to this software, I can finally transfer my videos from phone to my pc.


The software helps to transfer my contacts and text messages from Samsung S7 to computer and the whole process only takes one or two minutes. It really saves my time.

James Peterson

Are these reviews vetted before they're posted online? Time will tell!


Backing up Android data with this software is really convenient. I don't need to worry about my phone backup now!


With the help of this program, I successfully export my call logs from Android to computer and then print them out. These records are very important for me so I'd love to say thank you.


It is user-friendly! It allows me to selectively back up my songs and the operation is easy. A good software.


I like its new feature- One click backup. It really saves my time.


So far I like the product but I need a key to really test drive it


Really! It can transfer all my files from Samsung Galaxy to computer with one click. I really appreciate it!


The One-click backup & restore feature of this software is so amazing- I just need to click on Back Up and wait for the transferring process finishes.


I can use it to backup my files with one click. But the pity is that I do not find the WhatsApp option in the list.


I use its one-click backup function to move my files to computer. The process is secure and time-saving. But the only pity is that I fail to backup my WhatsApp messages with it.


Really a good helper! My songs are tranferred to my computer for only several seconds.


A good software but cannot meet all my requirements.


It is so amazing that I can transfer my messages to my computer within several seconds. It really works and saves my time.


I want to export my pictures from my WhatsApp, but it seems this tool does not show them and get them to my computer...well, that is it


I really love your new updated "1 click backup&restore" feature. It simplify the backing up process for me and save my time.


Got it at the first time. And it helped me backup whole Android data with 1 simple click. Convenient app!


My device fails to be recognized by your app, even thoug your h I have tried all solutions that provided with your support team. Useless still.  So I apply for a refund, I hope your app can detect my device at the next time.


I love the "1-click backup & restore" function, and it really helps me lots in recent days. Cool app and I have recommended it to all of my friends.


I like this program a lot because it lets me move my contacts from one device to another real quick.


I love your app due to its simple operation and good service. Keep moving, guys!


The best program to connect your phone to computer.


Everything is working well. Only issue is my THL 5000t is showing not correct. Hope soon You will add THL devices to your support list too.


All-new interface design makes the using experience become more comfortable, and I found the performance of your tool have gained a rapidly improved. I just installed the program on my PC for a couple of years, and every version of your app I have tried in the past times. I hope all of you will continue to improve the program in the future.


I found your updated version have greatly improved the connecting speed than before, and your guys have fixed lots bugs in the old version. Keep moving and I'll recommend this tool to my friends also.


This helped me get out of being stuck in data transfer mode for HOURS! I was going crazy, thank you so much!!


I have tried the new updated version, and useful. But I noticed that you said the annual payment is available, but I can't see how to get the tool in the way of year?


Perfect!!! This app really helped me~!)))


Easy for sending messages to many people at one time, and all contacts can be managed by the program vrey well. Cool app and I love it!


The program enables me to manage the files like apps, videos and photos on computer easily. And I also made a backup of the contacts on my PC. It is a good software!


I managed my Motorola phone well with the software. Now I can transfer various types of files between my mobile phone and the computer freely and with no hassle!


It is a outstanding assistant for mobile phone. I used a lot of mobile assistant. Compared to other software, the software had its own features.


It is a good software and enable me to transfer all the files to my computer as a backup with no hassle. But I hope it can have more fuctions!


Well, the software meets my needs and help me transfer many files. But I want to have a more comprehensive software with more functions. I think I may bought the wrong software. I should have bought the MobiKin Mobile Transfer software.


Yesterday I had to format my Sanmsung because my phone seemed to be infected by viruses and all the files were gone . Then I recovered my phone with the backup that I made with the software. Now everything is all right.


I used the software yesterday, it did help me a lot. I backed up all the contacts to my computer easily. Well good software!


I love this program for my Samsung Galaxy S4. It really easy to use, especially its mass texting functions. Now, I have used it to send the holiday greetings to all my family and friends in the program at one time. It really saved too much time for me. Thanks!

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