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occasional interface lag could be improved.

Percival Thorne

Gets the job done on Mac, but lacks some features. Solid for basic iOS management.

Lucian Everhart

Effortlessly transferred files between iPhone and Mac.-


Handy tool for transferring files, but lacks advanced features. Suitable for casual users.

Willow Breeze

User-friendly and efficient. Synced and transferred my iPhone data flawlessly.


Straightforward iOS assistant, but a bit slow during large file transfers.


Simplifies iPhone management but could offer more advanced features.

David Taylor

Streamlined Mac data transfer. Minimalistic interface.


Occasional syncing issues on Mac. Functional but needs smoother performance. A reliable iOS assistant overall.

Emma Davis

Smooth iPhone backup solution!

Ava Simmons

Organized my iPhone seamlessly. Quick transfers, no fuss.

Olivia Martinez

Simple iOS file transfer.


This software, MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Mac Version), has simplified the way I handle my iPhone data on my Mac. Its backup and restore feature ensures a secure transition when switching devices. The tool’s performance and ease of use are commendable.


I needed a Mac-friendly iPhone assistant, and MobiKin Assistant for iOS filled that gap perfectly. It's my go-to tool for organizing my iPhone data, syncing, and making backups. The seamless experience is a relief for Mac users like me.


I'm loving MobiKin Assistant for iOS on my Mac. Quick and reliable data transfer. It's made my iPhone management a breeze!


This software is a game-changer! MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Mac Version) made data transfer between my Mac and iPhone a walk in the park. Impressed!


MobiKin Assistant for iOS is an exceptional tool for managing iOS devices on a Mac. I have been using it for several months, and it has greatly simplified my iPhone and iPad management tasks.


MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Mac) saved my digital life. Seamless data transfer, easy backups. Simplifies iOS management. Impressed with its efficiency.

Daniel Anderson

MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Mac Version) simplified my data transfer between iPhone and Mac seamlessly. Its interface is intuitive, but occasional connection issues need attention.

Emily Smith

Efficient iOS manager. Simplifies data transfer.


This Mac tool proved handy for managing my iPhone data. Effortlessly transferred and organized my photos, music, and contacts. The backup and restore features provided extra peace of mind. Interface could be more modern, but functionality outweighs the design.

Emily R

MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Mac Version) is a game changer! It seamlessly transferred all my data to my new iPhone, making the process a breeze. A must-have tool for Mac users.


This Mac tool efficiently manages iPhone data, worth every penny. Thanks!

David S

MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Mac Version) is an excellent iPhone management tool. It allowed me to effortlessly transfer and organize files on my Mac. The software worked flawlessly and simplified my device management tasks.


MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Mac Version) is a fantastic software. It seamlessly manages my iPhone data on my Mac, making backup and file transfer a breeze. Highly satisfied!

Jessica Thompson

A comprehensive and user-friendly tool for managing iOS devices on Mac. Its seamless data transfer, backup, and restore features make it a reliable companion for iOS users. Highly recommended.


MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Mac Version) is an absolute gem for iPhone users on Mac. It simplifies the process of managing and organizing files like contacts, messages, and music. The user-friendly interface and smooth performance make it a must-have tool. Kudos to the developers!


The Mac version of MobiKin Assistant for iOS is a handy tool for managing iPhone data. It allowed me to transfer files seamlessly between my device and computer. The interface is intuitive, making it a pleasure to use. Thumbs up!


Elevate your iOS device management with MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Mac Version). Simplify data transfers, backups, and organization with its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities. A must-have tool for Mac users seeking seamless control over their iOS data.


This handy tool is a total game-changer! It's like having a personal assistant for your iPhone right on your Mac. I can manage files, transfer data, and even back up everything with a breeze. It's intuitive, efficient, and a true Mac companion. MobiKin, you nailed it!


All of their work is based on quality and I was impressed by its easy of use.I needed it to move files between my iPhone and Mac. It works well.
Their customer support also impressed me a lot. I am happy.


Excellent software. After trying the trial version for a while, I bought the 1year license and have it on my Mac. Current pro version is 2.8.81.


I use it to transfer contacts from iPhone X to Mac,efficient tool.


It's a multi-functional and efficient desktop application,thanks for solving my problem.


Well,  I am afraid this tool does not help me to import videos from computer to my iPhone 6s Plus and I guess it needs more improvement. But it helps to backup my photos and other files actually.


Very user friendly interface, so far the software is running as described and proving to be reliable just as other products that I've tested from MobiKin.


It is a very good app for iPhone. So get it soon


This software helped me to transfer all the contacts and photos from my iPhone to Mac computer with no hassle. I have to admit that the software is really simple!


I transfered all the files like contacts, photos, Safari bookmarks and so on from my iPhone to the computer with the software within several minutes. Now I am not afraid of losing any files.


It is helpful smart phones assistant! Honestly, as a smart phone users, the software do me a great favor. Without it, I can not manage all the files that are saved in the my phone.


The software is useful and powerful! It help me transfer varioius types files from my iPad to the computer successfully with no hassle.  The whole process cost me just a few of minutes.


Good! It functions just like another iTunes and I am satified with the software. But I hope that you can offer me a lower price. Because I am your regular customer!


Well I only give you three stars because the software is just so so. But it worths the price. I know some more powerful software which are more expensive than this one. So considering the resonable price, I am satisfied with the software.


Wonderful software! The performance is good and I bought the Windows version last time but later I moved to another place and I need the Mac version now. So I buy the other version.


Last time I saw the page, the version is till 1.0.1. And now it is 1.0.134. So that means the program is still being improved. So if I buy the software, can I get the updated version automatically?


I bougt it for a long time and so far so good. I backup a lot of files with the software and last week my iPhone was just infected by viruses. So I have to formatted it and luckily I have the backup. Thanks then!


The software helped me transfered the contacts and photos from iPhone to my computer within several seconds. Bravo! And not only to that, I just try the software again on my iPad and it did work too!


It really worked well and Ii was able to save all my precious songs from iPod touch to Mac computer, and then sync them to the new iPhone 5S with a few clicks. I really appreciate what you've done.

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