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Helpful for managing data, a bit expensive.

Harper Quinn

Good for backups and managing files. Interface could be smoother, but it does the job.

Echo Storm

Reliable tool for syncing contacts and messages. Some features are a bit clunky, but overall it’s very useful.

Mia Johnson

Efficient file transfer with MobiKin Assistant for iOS. Would appreciate more customization options for backup settings.

Harper Montgomery

Easy to use for managing files, but occasional bugs. Good backup solution.

Isla Underwood

Efficient and user-friendly. MobiKin Assistant made managing iPhone data a breeze!

Chris Sanchez

I absolutely hate itunes with a passion. Always buggy and deletes my music and can only use on 1 PC. This eliminates all of that.


Reliable for data management, yet occasional slow performance. Recommended for basic users.


Easy-peasy data control. MobiKin Assistant's backup feature saved my day. Recommend it!


simplifies file transfer, yet occasional lags observed.

Dexter Holloway

Smooth data transfer, solid backup.

John Anderson

Efficient data transfer, but lacks advanced file management features. Overall, MobiKin Assistant for iOS simplifies iOS data management effectively.


Occasional glitches, but recovered my photos. Improved stability would be great.

Olivia Smith

Transferred photos seamlessly! Easy interface, hassle-free.

Chris Taylor

Simple and effective.

Jake Anderson

Seamless iOS transfer!

Ava Miller

Made iOS file transfer a breeze! Organized my iPhone content beautifully.


MobiKin Assistant for iOS made managing my iPhone a breeze. I was able to organize and access my files conveniently, and the export function facilitated smooth data transfer. Its intuitive design and fast file syncing capabilities make it an ideal iOS companion.


I've been using MobiKin Assistant for iOS for a while, and it's a reliable companion for iPhone management. It's user-friendly and keeps my device organized. Transferring data between my iPhone and computer is seamless. Highly recommended!


I've been using MobiKin Assistant for iOS for a while now, and it's fantastic. It effortlessly transferred my data between my iPhone and PC.


Impressed with MobiKin Assistant for iOS. Transferring files between iPhone and PC is a breeze. Time-saving and reliable.


MobiKin Assistant for iOS is a game-changer. It smoothly transfers data between my iPhone and computer. Easy, reliable, and a must-have tool for iOS users.

David S

MobiKin Assistant for iOS greatly simplified my data management tasks. Transferring and backing up files became seamless. Occasionally experienced minor lags, but overall, a reliable tool.

Sarah Johnson

A game changer! Managing my iPhone files became a breeze with this tool. From transferring music to backing up important data, it aced it all. The simplicity and speed blew me away. Kudos to MobiKin for creating a real winner.


MobiKin Assistant for iOS really impressed me when I was handling my iPhone 12 Pro. It made data control a whole lot easier with its intuitive setup and impressive capabilities. This tool is a must for getting iOS organization on point.


MobiKin Assistant for iOS proved handy in effortlessly managing my iPhone data. Its intuitive interface facilitated seamless backups, restores, and data transfers. However, occasional sync hiccups were encountered. Overall, a reliable tool for iOS device management.

Jason M

MobiKin Assistant for iOS is a game changer! It flawlessly transferred all my data from iPhone to my computer. So relieved I found this.


MobiKin Assistant for iOS is user-friendly, helped manage my iPhone effortlessly. Highly recommended!

John P

A helpful utility for managing iPhone data. It allowed me to easily transfer files between my device and computer. The backup and restore features worked flawlessly. Recommended.


MobiKin Assistant for iOS is a versatile tool. It helps me manage my iPhone files easily. Smooth performance and user-friendly interface. Impressed!

John Anderson

An excellent software that simplifies iOS device management tasks. Its intuitive interface, fast data transfer, and versatile file management features make it a must-have tool for iOS users. Highly satisfied.


MobiKin Assistant for iOS is a lifesaver when it comes to managing iPhone files. It made transferring and backing up my data a breeze. Thumbs up!


MobiKin Assistant for iOS is a decent tool to manage iPhone data. It helped me transfer files smoothly, but the occasional lag was annoying. Overall, it's handy. Thanks.


MobiKin Assistant for iOS is straight-up awesome! It's like having a Swiss Army knife for your iPhone. I can easily manage my files, transfer stuff, and make backups without breaking a sweat. The interface is slick, the features are top-notch, and it just makes my life so much easier. Props to MobiKin for creating this gem!


Worked flawlessly and easy to use understand, great tool. I'll be switching my daily backup to MobiKin Assistant for iOS.


I purchased Assistant for iOS recently and it was an wonderful decision. All the features are very easy to use and I can back up my phone conveniently.


Been having trouble getting this software to work. Have spent a lot of time on this. The support center resolved the issue for me and so I am very appreciative.

Marisa Adkins

Works hopefully we will see


Very impressed with the speed and effectiveness of the support service, as well as the Assistant for iOS software for managing my files.


Thank you for a great experience in cloning my pics to PC without any data loss!


I have purchased the MobiKin Assistant for iOS and tried to transfer several files from iPhone XS to PC. The process was simple and easy to run. Fortunately, most files were able to move to the new PC. This software can transfer much data that doesn't have many limitations.


Its so helpful in managing my files. Affordable service with high quality work.


First time shopper, it would have been nice to have a small discount for my first purchase.


I never purchased from here before and haven't use such products. I need it to transfer large video files. They offer license code after paying. I love the guide for the product, Making it simple to use, it works great for me when I upload files.


You can trust MobiKin, their iOS data manager is superb.


There are a lot of good reviews and minimal poor experieces about this tool. That added some reassurance that whom I was dealing with was legitimate and provided great customer experiences. Well, I have to say, my first purchase was fantastic and agree with all the other reviewers on this site. They are fantastic and exceeded my expectations.


I wanna say that my experience with Assistant for iOS has been great.
It is professional iOS data manager. The price is outstanding for the features provided.
Nice control panel. Easy to understand.
I can't say enough good about these guys!!


Fast and cheap, good stuff!


After purchasing Assistant for iOS from Mobikin I have noticed how easy it is to manage my files....


This was my first purchase from, which I found through I used my Discover account, ordered the software at a reasonable price.Works perfectly,I have never seen such a quick and easy way to backup iPhone.This is what I needed and my problem was solved within 30 minutes. I would definitely buy again from I heartily recommend the company!


What a great data manager for iPhone. Worth it.


An ideal tool to transfer my iPhone messages.


I use this software to back up my iPhone contacts and save them as CSV files. I really like this feature since I can manage the saved contacts on your computer conveniently. Looking forward to its new functions.



I wrongly delete some files on my phone but luckily I have backed up them on my computer. So I use this tool to export the data to my iPhone 7 again. It is really conveninet.


I download this software in order to backup the text messages on my iPhone. Just as the instriction says, it can export my messages to computer as csv format. This is really helpful for me. Thank you!


A nice tool to backup my data on iPhone 7. It is what I need!


I want to switch my iPhone to a new one recently so my friend suggests me to backup my files with this tool. How amazing! It syncs almost all my files on iPhone to computer in a short time. It is really worth a shot!


What a wonderful software! I like to transfer my iPhone files with it.


Well, I have used this tool for several times but I still cannot edit my contacts on it directly. Hope you enable the function next time.


It is good at transferring contacts and SMS from my phone to computer but still does not support the function of adding,deleting or editing their contents. A little bit disappointed.


Nice tool to transfer and backup iPhone files. I have used it several times to make backups for my iPhone and it works reallt well.


A great file transfer tool for iPhone! I can easily transfer all my wanted data from my iPhone 7 to computer for backup. Thanks so much.


Great update! I found your tool allows more output formats and also enables to import contacts from PC to my iPhone 7. I really appreciate it.


Works well as a simple iOS to PC Transfer. No other functions at present.


Lack of many functions that I need.


Just so so! Not the best one also not the worse one.  Successful to export music and other data from iPhone to comptuer, then it is useless to other tasks like edit, import, etc.


To be honest, your app works well as only iOS Transfer program, and it is not good as a professional iOS assistant because of the lacking of edting functions in the previous version.


To be honest, as an assistanto tool for iPhone, I think you should add more functions into this one.


Nice tool for exporting files from iPhone to PC, but I also need some functions of editing.


Good after-sales service. Recently I have updated my iPhone 6S to the iOS 10, and I found that your app can't works on it any more. So I have sent a message to your technical team, and I can't imagine that you'll reply me with a new upgraded version. Cool!


My iPhone 5S continues to try and install an update. Once it's 100% complete it restarts the attempt to update. Before I do a factory reset, I was finding a way to save all of my data on the phone. I select MobiKin Assistant for iOS, which helps me to transfer all important data from my iPhone 5S to computer effortlessly within 1 click! Fantastic!


Fast speed on transferring files from iPhone to computer, if your app can export files to iTunes directly, I think it will more popular than now.


Wonderful and special program, I love it and I hope you can update the function of importing files from PC to iDevice soon.


I have to admit that your app do well in transferring data from iPhone to computer, but I think it will be an ideal tool if it support users to transfer data from iPhone to iTunes, and import data from PC to iPhone.


Well, well, well, well, well done. Useful app for transferrng files from iDevices to computer,  but I think if this program can support editing functions, things could be perfect. Come on, guys, I hope you'll add the editing features to this program soon.


I looked for a useful mobile phones assistant for a long time and I think this software is just what I want. Because it is practical and powerful. I just transferred many files from my iPhone to computer with the software within seversl clicks.


This is just the smart phone assistant I looked for! With the software I are able to transfer the apps to computer as backup! This is really amazing!


The software is really a good stuff for me and it displays all the files like contacts, SMS messages, photos and so on on an interface clearly so that I can find the wanted files directly. It is an outstanding software!


The software just functions like the iTunes so I just bought another iTunes? Now I can not remember why I bought this.  Maybe I will use the  software when my iTunes does not work someday.


The software transfer the files from my iPhone to the Window sucessfully and quickly. I am satisfied with it. But I hope the price could be lower. Yes I am serious! = =!!


the software is good and I have used the software of this brand for a long times. Their softwares have never let me down. Good jop! Hope you guys can develop more software. by the way, thank you for answering my questions patiently.


This is the most easy-to-use iOS management tool that I've used. I can't believe what the program takes to my life and I have used it to transfer hundreds of songs on my iPod nano to my personal computer for sharing with my friends with one simple click! Good job!

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