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Ryan Bennett

Bye-bye junk files! MobiKin, you made my iPhone breathe!

Lisa Smith

MobiKin Cleaner for iOS made my device feel brand new!


This tool, MobiKin Cleaner for iOS (Mac Version), effectively declutters iPhone storage on a Mac. It streamlines junk file removal, improving device performance and freeing up space.


I was running out of storage on my iPhone, but MobiKin Cleaner for iOS (Mac Version) came to the rescue. It scans and removes unnecessary files, freeing up space for the things that matter. It's a valuable tool for keeping your device in top shape.


Finally, my iPhone is clutter-free thanks to MobiKin Cleaner for iOS on my Mac. User-friendly and effective. Highly recommended!


This iOS cleaner is a game-changer. It freed up storage space and improved my iPhone's performance noticeably. MobiKin Cleaner for iOS (Mac Version) is a must-try.


MobiKin Cleaner for iOS (Mac Version) decluttered my iPhone effortlessly. Streamlined the device, boosting performance. A valuable tool for iOS maintenance.

Brian Anderson

MobiKin Cleaner for iOS (Mac Version) effectively helped me declutter my iPhone, freeing up valuable space. Its straightforward interface made the cleaning process quick and efficient.

David Anderson

MobiKin Cleaner for iOS Mac Version is a game changer! Freed up tons of space on my iPhone effortlessly. Deleted junk files and sped up my device. A must-have tool to keep your iOS device running smoothly.


It significantly improved my device's performance. Effectively cleared out junk files and temporary data, freeing up valuable space. The user interface is straightforward, though additional optimization options would be welcome. A solid choice for keeping your iOS device clean.

Alice K

MobiKin Cleaner for iOS (Mac Version) is a total game changer. It cleaned up my iPhone, freeing up valuable space and boosting its performance. A must-have tool for Mac users.

Mike D

Clears junk effectively, keeping my iPhone running smoothly. Thanks!

Alex T

MobiKin Cleaner for iOS (Mac Version) is an effective tool for freeing up space on my iPhone. It helped identify and remove unnecessary files and caches, improving my device's performance. Simple and reliable.


This Mac tool is a reliable utility. It efficiently cleaned up junk files on my iPhone, freeing up valuable space. Great tool for optimizing device performance.

Sarah Davis

MobiKin Cleaner for iOS (Mac Version) is a reliable tool for optimizing and cleaning iOS devices on Mac. Its efficient scanning and cleaning capabilities help free up valuable storage space. A useful utility for maintaining device performance.


It helped me reclaim a significant amount of storage space by removing junk files and unnecessary data. The simple interface and effective cleaning tools make it a must-have for optimizing your device.


The Mac version of MobiKin Cleaner for iOS tidied up my iPhone effectively. It cleared out unnecessary files and optimized my device's performance. The interface is straightforward, though a few additional features would be nice. Overall, a solid choice.


It tidies up my iPhone like a pro, clearing out junk, optimizing performance, and freeing up space. It's hassle-free, efficient, and keeps my device running smooth.


Great value tool which was simple to install and worked perfectly.


I'm going to replace the new iPhone 11 Pro . Before changing to the new iPhone, I need to delete all the files on my old iPhone 8.
However, files deleted by conventional methods may be recovered. In order to permanently delete my files, I use this tool.Very satisfied.


It provides a reliable way to permanently delete data from iphone,thanks.

Deepak Dubey

It says that you cannot get back anything back after deleting them with this software. So after erasing everything I tried retrieving the data back with a recovery tool. The second software cannot find anything!


This software is so  great! It helps me to detect the junk files on my iPhone 6s, which I have used it for almost a year. And it free up about 3GB junk files and save a lot of storage space for me. Thanks so much!


Alright, it does help to clean junk files, but maybe it should add more functions to this simple program. Best wishes!


Well, it is a simple app and it does help me to clean up the junk files on my old iPhone 5s. And it runs faster than before. Nice app.


My old iPhone is too slow in recent days, and I take this app for a trial. Cool! It runs faster than before.


That's an ineiognus way of thinking about it.


This software detected my device automatically and scanned all the junk files. And it displayed all the junk files on an interface so that I can freely select the files to clean. It is really useful!


I really need a software like that. It helped me clean a lot junk files and free a large space of my device. Now my device operate fast!


I was recommended to use the software to clean my device and I do not believe in the software. But I totally like the software after I used it. What's more, it is free!


Thanks to the software, my smart phone operate far faster than before!!


I love this free software. I think it is useful because it clean  a lot of junk files from my Motorola! Now, my phone operate much faster than before! Hope you can offer more free software.


The software did help me a lot! I used it to clean my iPhone and after that my iPhone opearted faster obviously! Hope you made more free software!


Compared with other cleaning software, the program worked well. It operated quickly and it just costs me several seconds to clean all the junk files.


It helps me free a lot of space of my iPad. Thanks to the software, my iPhone operate much faster now. What I want to say is that I think it is no necessary to select the files to be scanned because of course I want to clean all the junk files.


The software has detected many junk files and I deleted them all. What amazed me was that the software free about 2GB space of my iPhone. Thanks to the software, my iPhone responded faster than before. What's more, it is free and that is the biggest reason why I love the software so much.

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