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I accidently delete the messages that I needed a few days ago but this software helps me to get them back very quickly. Thanks a lot!


great app! I can get my notes back finally, you know, it is very importan to me. Thanks so much.


It was a little pricey but it was very easy to use. I tried a different product yesterday and wasted an afternoon trying to get it to work.


Finally, it helped me get my lost contacts, even though the rooting process is troubled me for  a long time.

Hardip Patel

It really helped me to get my old photos back!


5 star i can't imagine this app very gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood


I bought this so I recover contacts, SMS, photos, videos, etc. on my Samsung S6


Excellent easy to use product. I am so thankfull that I was able to recover data accidentally deleted. I highly recommend this product.


Truely amazing the results this product delivers. I was skeptical, and am now a genuine FAN!


Amazing tool! All lost contacts have been found.  The installation of the program does not take much time, I just used it on my Samsung Galaxy S6.


Finally I found the Mac version! And all the lost photos came back! Thanks God! It is a really a powerful software!


I just used the free trial version to recover the deleted contacts successfully! It is really good to use and easy to operate. I am considering if I should buy a proversion or may be I will buy it next time.


I can not believe my eyes! The software scanned all the files including the deleted files in my Samsung phone. And it recovered the deleted files to my computer!


I find all the lost photos perfectly! Thanks to the software, all my lost photos are back without quality loss.


The software can recover deleted files with several clicks. What's more, it can also function as a transfer software. I just used the software make a backup of my Samsung on computer.

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