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Recovered my deleted contacts successfully, thank you!


this software so helpfull. i like it


Thank you!!!
The software helps recover many important files.

Emily Baker

It supports data recovery from android phones..
With this data recovery software, you don't need to worry about data loss.
Pros: lost data are marked in red, it is obvious.

Simon Cowell

Amazing product help me get back the family vacation photos


A rescuer for my Android contacts.
With it, I can recover my Andorid contacts which are really important for me.


It really works and I really like it!


I finally get back my contacts with the help of the Doctor for Android. But the recovery failed when I tried to restore my deleted photos. It is a pity!


Finally, I get my lost messages back. These messages are very important for me so thank you very much.


It's amazing, I try other recover software, it didn't find the files that I want to find, but with MobiKin Doctor for Android, the files show up...very good recover software.


It cannot retsore all my data so I am a little bit disappointed.


I have formatted my phone before so I want to find back the songs that I have saved on the phone before. So luckily, it helps me to extract the data.


I just follow the prompts to open the USB debugging on my Samsung S7 but still fail. What can I do?


I have formatted my phone without backup. But thankfully, this software helps me to get them back,


I choose to connect my phone to computer via USB cable at first but I fail. So I build the connection via Wifi finally. But anyway, I get my data back successfully.

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