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Review for MobiKin Doctor for Android (Windows Version)

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A rescuer for my Android contacts.
With it, I can recover my Andorid contacts which are really important for me.


It really works and I really like it!


I finally get back my contacts with the help of the Doctor for Android. But the recovery failed when I tried to restore my deleted photos. It is a pity!


Finally, I get my lost messages back. These messages are very important for me so thank you very much.


It's amazing, I try other recover software, it didn't find the files that I want to find, but with MobiKin Doctor for Android, the files show up...very good recover software.


It cannot retsore all my data so I am a little bit disappointed.


I have formatted my phone before so I want to find back the songs that I have saved on the phone before. So luckily, it helps me to extract the data.


I just follow the prompts to open the USB debugging on my Samsung S7 but still fail. What can I do?


I have formatted my phone without backup. But thankfully, this software helps me to get them back,


I choose to connect my phone to computer via USB cable at first but I fail. So I build the connection via Wifi finally. But anyway, I get my data back successfully.


It helps me get back the files from my SD card which are really important for me. It is really powerful!


I try to use it to get back my WhatsApp messages, but it fails. Only the messages in the inbuilt messages app are recovered.


I have recovered my contacts by using this program. But if the tool can retrieve the contacts without rooting my device, I think it would be more helpful.


текст удаленных сообщений не отображается.


Well, this tool is great enough, it helps me recover the data I have deleted midtakenly, but it does not get my pictures back from my WhatsApp app...Pity

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