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Good recovery tool. I need to recommend it to all.


Well, I like this recovery program. Good to use.


I have to say that this app helps me a lot. Because I have forgot my iPhone backup password, so I can not restore data from iTunes backup with iTunes. However, this app enables me to restore iTunes backup without iPhone backup password. It is so great! Thanks!


Wow~It is a very cool app, I have to say. For I have lost my iPhone but I want to find back my iPhone data of it. Importantly, this program enables me to get back my files without my iPhone! Just simply launch the app! Amazing!


Oh, what a pity. This Mac version have not supported to recover from iPhone directly yet. All right, but it is easy to recover from iTunes backup selectively with this app.


Oh God, I think I have not backup my contacts to iTunes for backup before I lost them. Now, this app now just allows to recover lost data from iTunes backup...So, is there any other way to have my contacts back please?


Firstly, thanks, for I can get my lost contacts back from my iPhone 7 Plus, the contacts is very important to me. Thanks again.


I think I have not backup all my iPhone data to iTunes, so it turns out that only part of my files were recovered with this tool...Is there any way to recover the rest files from my iPhone please?


I am not sure this app recover all my contacts for my iPhone 7 Plus or not...It seems not, maybe I have not sync all my contacts to iTunes before I lost them. Any suggestions?


Great app! My Mac is very old and runs slow than before and I use it for years, but this app can still work smothly and quickly with my Mac, amazing! Of course the app helps me find back my contacts on my iPhone 6s Plus as well. Thanks a lot.


Thanks to this tool, I can get back my phone number since I droped down my iPhone 6 on the ground and it was dead...


I forget to backup my Contact list when I tried to factory reset my iPhone 6s. Now I can get back these phone numbers with this software. Thanks so much!


Wow! Cool! Finally I can get back my valuable text messages and the attachments on my iPhone after I deleted them mistakenly. Thanks to this great software. Like!


To be honest, this tool is a useful iTunes data recovery, and works well on all kinds of iTunes backups. But it can't restore data from iDevice or iCloud backups.


I was able to recover almost all of the lost photos and contacts from my iPhone by using this application! It is a lifesaver and I will definitely be advertising for you!

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