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I don't have much experience with other data recovery software, so it's hard to compare, but so far I've been impressed that my support tickets get answered well by MobiKin people who seem to be technically savvy. If you are looking for iPhone data recovery, this is the company to go with.


Best iPhone data recovery ever.....patiently response and quick analysis of the problem which leads to excellent problem solving. Thank you MobiKin...


No need for me to hire a technician because this software has a powerful data recovery function and it is easy to operate. Thanks guys!

Nick Wager

I accidentally deleted some important contacts on my iPhone. I tried MobiKin Doctor for iOS for free. It successfully scanned the deleted contacts in my iPhone and this excellent iPhone data recovery software helped me recovered contacts from iPhone XS Max easily and quickly.


Thanks, anyway.


Well, it can restore some of my files on iPhone 7 but it is not as good as you say.


I don't have a iTunes backup so I select to recover the data from iPhone directly.  And during the recovering process, everything goes well and I get my data back successfully. But there is one thing that I think you could improve- support more file types.


It is not as useful as I think. As a recovery tool, I think you should add more functions to this software.


I wish to use this tool to recover my photos but the free trial of this software can do nothing for me.


Well, I use it to recover the data on my iPhone 7 which are wrongly deleted by myself. It do work but I need to jailbreak my phone. Hope next time I can get the data back directly.


Not bad! I use it to restore the deleted contacts on my iPhone 7 and it really works!


What an amazing app! It really get back my photos which are deleted for several days. I think I would still choose it to recover my phone next time.


My friend told me that it is an amazing tool to recover lost data on iPhone. It seems that she is right. Highly recommend it to all.


Thankfully, I really get back my deleted files from my iPhone 6! It is really a good app!


This data doctor for iPhone really helped me! Luckily I have this program after I lost my iPhone 7, so that I can restore my data back from iTunes backup without my phone. You know, some files on my phone are really important to me, especially my contacts numbers and messages. Thanks, anyway.


I have mistakenly deleted some important phone numbers from my iPhone 6s Plus, luckily, I found them back with this program. It is great! :)


I want to recover data from my iPhone 6s Plus directly, but it turns out that it needs to jailbreak my iPhone.  I am afraid if I can jailbreak my iPhone on my own...Luckily I can restore from iTunes backup anyway.


My iPhone has been dead, and after restoring and get it back to factory settings, all my data has been erased. Luckily, my friend shows me this recovery tool, now, I have my contacts, photos and other files back to my iPhone 6s Plus. It is very nice. :)


It is really a geate data recovery tool for iPhone, and it offfers two different ways to recover deleted or lost data from iPhone, say, from iTunes backup and iPhone device directly. I think it is humanized for users for you can have different choice. Highly recommend it. :)


My iPhone accidentally dropped into water, I think it was disabled. Anyway, I just want my photos back. Luckily, I have this app to recover from my water damaged iphone. Amazing, right?


With this tool, I can not only get back my lost photos, but also I can preview and select what I want to recover from my iPhone. It is very nice.


Wow, it is a really good recovery tool. Even thought I have not backed up my data to iTunes, I can also recover my lost data from my iPhone directly. Cool!!! Recommend it to all!


Accidently, I dropped my iPhone into water and it is dead...luckily, my friends recommended this app to me, and at least I get back my files from my phone.


Well, it seems that it does not help me to recover the Whatsapp messages and photos...but it did help me to recover the pictures that I took with my iPhone 6 Plus.


This tool is good easy to use and can recover my deleted messages from my iPhone 6s Plus. But it can not get my pictures from whatsapp backup. Maybe need more improvement. Thx.


Good app! I can find back my phone numbers with this it, even though I did delete them mistakenly a few days ago. Great!


I have mistakenly deleted my girl friend's pictures and she was angry. Luckily with this software, I can get back those photos in the end. Thanks so much!


It helps me a lot to restore data from iTunes backup. Good enough.


I don't want to jailbreak my iPhone, then how to restore my pictures?


My lost photo is not found by this program.


I have used the new SD Card recovery mode, and find back my lost photos on it. Cool.


I wish to restore from iCloud backup, and your app can't help me.

Heidi Ann

My iPhone 5S was stolen and I have a new iPhone 6. I want to recover what was on my stolen iPhone and put it on my new iPhone. And fortunately a couple of weeks ago I backed up all my photos, music etc using iTunes, and the MobiKin Doctor for iOS is able to recover iPhone data from iTunes backup. Pretty wonderful! Thanks!


I want to get something from my iCloud backups, your app have no function to support it.


I have used your tool to retrieve some lost files from iTunes backup, and it really easy to use. But why I don't want to give you a 5 star rating is mainly because there is no function of restoring from iCloud.  It is really useful also.


I have used this program on my iPhone 6 and iPad Air respectively, but unfortunately, it only works on my iPhone, and I don't know why my iPad can't be detected.


Well This program better then itunes because my itunes gets stuck on extracting software and wont restore the iphone with this program you can restore without losing your data its fast and easy everyone should buy this program!


Something went wrong after updating to iOS 9.2, fortunately I found this program, and used it to get back my lost data. Cool app.


Works well on the mode of "Recover from iTunes backup", and if you wish to use the directly recovery mode, you have to jailbreak your iDevice at first. But actually, I don't want to jailbreak my iPhone, so .....


The recovery software is easy to use. I have never used the similar software before, but I used the software to recover my lost data from iPhone with no hassle!


I was sad about the lost photos when my friend recommended me the software. Then I tried to use the software to recover a deleted photo. Then it did it! So I bought the pro version! I believe it will not let me down.


The software is easy to use and all the options are displayed on the interface clearly. I just followed the instruction and recover the deleted contacts easily!


I stored many precious photos on my iPhone so it is really a disaster for me to lost all of them. But all the lost photos are come back now! I can not be happier!


Thanks to the software, I recover the deleted photos efficiently. The operation is also simple and easy.


If you lost files and want to recover the lost files, you should no miss the program! It is really good to use!


It is a good iPhone recovery software and I use it frequently after I boutght it. Because it is easy to use. What's more,   it not only can recover my lost photos but also can transfer various files from my iPhone to PC!


It is a excellent software and easy to use! I use the software to manage all the files on my iPhone well. And I just find that it can help me to manage the files in my iPad too!


I bought the wrong version! I should have chosen the Mac version and I made a mistake. So I gave it to my brother. The software is good and reliable according to him. Well I am just thinking if I should buy the Mac version.


My friends accidently deleted all the photos from my iPad. Luckily the software recovered the deleted photos. But the software recovered the photos to my computer and I need to transfer the recovered files to my iPad.


Well, it did help me recover all the contacts I deleted. But I hope the deleted files could be recovered diretly on the smart phone so that I need not to transfer the recovered files from computer to the device.


I were almost in depression when all the contacts were lost because I did not make any backups on iTunes or computer at all. But finally it helped find all the lost contacts, which really surprised me!


it did work and finally I find my contacts back. you can not believe how important the contacts to me. anyway the software are helpful and the operation is simple. I have to buy another version because my wife used the Android. She think it is good too.


After upgrading and updating - all old iPhone data lost for last 18 mos!! - Got it all back via iTunes restore - Thank you! And I have recommend this program to all my friends who have the same needs as me. Keep moving, guys!

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