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Knowledgeable! I'd experienced an issue I could not resolve by myself. I sent in a customer request which was responded so quickly.

Elisa L.3

Basically took you through a bunch of drill procedures to factory reset my Google Android phone, which erases all my CONTENT.

Moving Stone

Offered a seamless user experience for data erasure, thanks to its straightforward navigation.


I've ordered the wrong product for my usecase. I reached out to the support and told MobiKin Support my problem. They are great and had full understandig for my scenarios. Perfectly solved!

Paolo LeD

Life saver! The most exciting thing I did for the first few weeks after I had my second baby was erasing my old T-Mobile phone for sale.


This tool instilled in me the courage to begin anew..


Unlike certain memory cleaning software, this one thoroughly erased all the content of my phone, giving me the assurance to pass it on to my friend.


Can now confidently bid farewell to my old Samsung mobile.


Recommended by friends...Thumbs up


Discovered a compelling reason to switch out my old smartphone.


No longer need to be concerned about information leaking from my CAT phone.


Set an example for my ANOTHER start. Worth it


A good companion after swithing android phones!


Mediocre but effective


The fact that it wipes the entire phone clean with no residual traces left behind is a huge relief.


Switched to a new MI phone and had to erase my previous device. MobiKin Eraser for Android proved to be an invaluable tool, especially when it comes to safeguarding data privacy.


A breath of fresh air in the world of Android cleanup software! It's not just another junk file cleaner; it's an evolutionary upgrade. What sets it apart is its thoroughness and security. I no longer worry about leaving traces of personal data when giving away my old HTC.


So far so good! My phone was lagging and glitchy, but now it's as fast and responsive as when I first got it.


Facing a malware attack was a nightmare! MobiKin's data recovery was a blessing, but I'm not sure if I'll ever feel secure again. Thinking about erasing my phone and starting afresh to ensure my privacy.


A top-notch data eraser! It erased my phone's data thoroughly, and I couldn't find any recoverable traces. The fact that I can now donate my old phone to a charitable cause is fantastic.


It made my phone upgrade stress-free, knowing all my sensitive data was completely wiped. Now, I can confidently give my old Galaxy S21 to my grandma.


I was worried about the data on my Google Pixel 5 falling into the wrong hands. MobiKin Eraser took care of that concern, erasing all data securely. I can now sell my phone with peace of mind.

Olivia Mitchell

MobiKin Eraser for Android is a game-changer! This software securely wiped my Android device, leaving no traces. With an easy-to-navigate interface and lightning-fast performance, it's a must-have tool for data erasure.


Need to delete all data before selling my old phone. I may only use this software once but it is very impressive and silly easy to use. It was worth the price.


This software saved me from a data breach. They deserve the 5 stars from me!


I'm about to sell my old Redmi7. Before that I have to delete all the files to ensure I don't reveal my privacy, so I downloaded the software. It has three levels of erasure. I chose the "High Level" and all data was wiped now. Great help!


The MobiKin Eraser software was easy to understand and use and it work fine in erasing files, but it took a while to complete.


Good application with very easy steps, i recommend you to use it as it's safe and no errors happens if you just follow the steps.
I want to remind you to back up all important files before using it.


Everything was fine with the process and requesting an order status. My only complaint is that the erasing speed of "High Level" is slow. But to my satisfaction, all files are completely deleted.


For the purchase that I've made, I had no issues. E-mails with confirmations come quickly and the key have arrived quickly


I am very satisfied dealing with MobiKin. They're really helpful and they value their customer. Great, five stars!!!


Fantastic! So helpful and the software so easy to use, it make the process of data erasing much simpler than the traditional way. I am so pleased with my experience so far.


I now have bought two things from MobiKin (Eraser for Android&Transfer for Mobile) and the experience was perfect both times, easy to understand instructions and good activation keys. Thank you again!!


Easy order process and in a couple of minutes I receive the license code in my mailbox. Was easy to download and very well described steps to follow. Love this tool.


Thanks very much for the help. I have been telling anyone looking for Android Eraser tool to check this one out. You are making my data erasing very easy. Trust me, not all data eraser are the same!  With MobiKin, I am confident of an excellent product at a very reasonable price with outstanding service . I recommend MobiKin Eraser to all of my friends. Many, many thanks!


Just a great experience and easy to use , never heard of them before but it was a flawless first purchase, will use again.


Downloaded, installed, and registered with no issues.If you have a need for this, then its definitely the best,worth to buy.

Scott Harris

Five star service:
1. Easy to download and use.
2. Fast performance.I waited around 5 minutes. The file was close to 32GB in size.
3. Pretty lightweight.
4. Without any ads.
Its exactly as described,I will use MobiKin again thank you.


Great support, Great software. Does what I want to do.And the price is reasonable.

Harunur rashid

best eraser for android!

Joe Rose

Erased all kinds of personal data on my android phone that I want to give away. Well protect my private information from leaking. It is easy to use and suitable to a computer novice just like I.


Just so so...Actually, it is a simple app and needs to improve more functions. But good enough. :)

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