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I went with mobikin based on the number of positive reviews from users who have been with them for more than a year. It's easy to work with. So far so good. Overall excellent value. I would strongly recommend mobikin eraser.


Nice app to wipe data on an old iPhone.


Wonderful !! My old phone has been complete cleaned up.Thank you :)

Johnk Zhi

I am going to switch to a new iPhone,this is a good tool which could eraser data on my old iphone.


This software makes my iPhone 7 like a brand new one! Now I can sell my phone without worrying about the information leakage. Thanks a lot!


I am going to switch to the iPhone X and I want to sell my old iPhone 7. To protect my information, I use this program to erase my phone data and try some recovery tool to restore the files. Guess what! All the erased data cannot be detected and now I can sell my iPhone without any concern.


Well, it helps me a lot to delete the photos and videos that I could not delete directly and take up storage space of my iPad, especially the photos saved in the Recently Deleted album. Wonderful app.


This program is great! Just within a few simple steps, I wiped out all data from my old iPhone 6s! Now I have sold it to my friend and I am going to buy a new iPhone 7 Plus. LOL


It cleaned my iPhone and reset the OS. Now it is ready to be reused safely! I wish iTunes worked that well! :)


I love this program and it really help me permanently wipe all data on my old iPhone 5S, and now i have donated it.

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