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I found this Website on Google and got my iOS Assistant for free. It's easy and fast with no problems at all. Nice to have it.

maria roua

need to recover my sms messages from November 2019 to June 2020


The whole process is smoothly.Most importantly,this software is free charge.


The product is wonderful. It does what it promises, robustly. Suggestions to developers: (1) Faster connection. It sometimes takes 15 seconds to connect. (Unless there is a workaround). (2) Maintenance of Call Logs. All the best.


This free software helped me to transfer files from my Samsung to the Mac computer easily one by one. Now I have no need to worry that the files may be lost somehow!


I think it just another iTunes.  If you do not like iTunes, then you can use the software to manage your device. Anyway it is  a good program!


The free version is good and I am going to buy the pro version. Because I really need the full functions! The free version can only allow me to transfer the files one by one!


Considering that it is a free software, I should not have expected so much. The free version can not offer all the functions I want. So I guess I still need to buy the pro version.


I am looking for the software for a long time and I downloaded many free transfer softwares. Finally I decide to keep this one and delete other software. Because it worked really well.


It did help me transfer a lot of files from my iPhone to the computer. But the free version's functions are limited. Could you please offer more free funcions?


It is convenient to send files from my iPad to Mac computer with the software. I just backed up all the contacts, photos, ebooks and videos on the computer and it just costed my several minutes


I 've just tried the software and it help me transfer file like contacts and photos to the computer quickly! Of course the most important thing is that the software is free!

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