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Caspian Winslow

Gets the job done without costing a dime, but lacks advanced features. Useful for simple tasks.

Octavia Harrington

User-friendly, but limited in its capabilities compared to paid versions.


Handy tool for simple transfers, occasional glitches observed during large data transfers.


Surprised by its efficiency! MobiKin Assistant (Free) made iPhone management hassle-free.


Good for casual users; limited features, but serves its purpose.

Desmond Whitman

Free version is okay; some limitations.

Sarah Williams

Efficient free tool for basic iOS management. Limited features, but MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Free) gets the job done.


Free version too restrictive, frustrating limitations. Consider paid for better features.

Liam Thompson

Limited options, but great for a free tool.

Rachel Scott

Simple, free iOS help.

Olivia Carter

No-cost iOS help

Mia Johnson

A handy, intuitive iOS management tool. Impressive!


The free edition of MobiKin Assistant for iOS serves as a decent introductory tool for those new to iPhone management software. While it has certain limitations on the number of files you can transfer or manage, it offers a glimpse into the software's capabilities. Its straightforward interface and basic functionalities make it a good starting point for users exploring iOS device organization.


For a free iOS assistant, MobiKin gets the job done. It helps with essential tasks like data backup and transfer without any fuss. While it might lack some advanced features, it's a reliable option for basic iPhone management.


For a free iOS assistant, MobiKin Assistant for iOS surprised me with its ease of use. It's a simple yet effective solution for managing iPhone data.


MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Free) is a handy tool for iPhone management. Easy data transfer and backup, and it's free!


This tool exceeded my expectations. It flawlessly manages my iPhone files without costing a dime. A true gem for budget-conscious users.

Emily Brown

MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Free) has been a handy tool for managing my iPhone data without cost. It's user-friendly and efficient, although occasional ads can be slightly disruptive.

David Smith

MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Free) rocks! Sorting my iPhone stuff was a headache until this gem came along. It handled my backups smoothly and helped me toss out junk effortlessly. For a free tool, it's seriously impressive. Thumbs up!


It is a handy tool for managing iPhone data. It allowed me to backup and transfer files easily. However, the free version had limited features, and occasional ads were slightly intrusive. Overall, a decent option for basic iOS management tasks.

Amanda W

MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Free) worked like a charm! It made managing my iPhone files a breeze, and the fact that it's free is a fantastic bonus. Highly recommend!


The free utility efficiently manages iPhone data. Thanks!

Emma R.

The free version of MobiKin Assistant for iOS offers basic iPhone management tools. It's useful for simple file transfers and backups. However, advanced features are limited. Decent option for basic needs.


This free tool is limited but still useful. It helped me transfer some files effortlessly. Consider upgrading for more features.

Emily Roberts

The free version of MobiKin Assistant for iOS is a decent tool for basic iOS device management. While it offers limited features, it is still useful for tasks like backup and file transfer. Overall, a decent option for casual users.


MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Free) is a solid tool for managing iPhone files without breaking the bank. It offers essential features like data backup and app management. Impressed!


The free version of MobiKin Assistant for iOS is limited but still useful. It helped me back up my iPhone without a hitch, although the constant reminders to upgrade were a tad annoying. Cheers.


Let me spill the tea on Free MobiKin Assistant for iOS—it's a real game-changer! This gem helps me manage my iPhone files like a boss, and guess what? It's totally free! From transferring data to backing up, it's got me covered. Trust me, this app is a must-have for any iPhone user. Kudos to MobiKin for hooking us up!


Although it's free charge, you can be sure it will do the job great. I'll definitely be back here in future.


Downloaded the free version of the MobiKin Assistant for iOS to back up files from my iPhone 14pro to computer. The free version worked fine and I easily moved all my photos and videos.


Good software deserves a good recommendation. This is the most effective iPhone data backup tool I have ever used. What's even more surprising is that it's free!I highly recommend everyone to try it!


Very happy with this free tool, it works great. This makes my data management a lot easier. Thank you so much!


Í have mistaken in my first attempt and I sent you a email asking for help last day, but havent received a reply yet. Hoped that you can reply as soon as possible.
The function of Mobikin Assistant for iOS is practical and helpful to me. Satisfied with it's quality.

george van smith

The functunality of this product is second to none, it is the best free trial software for transferring ios music, photos and anything else you have downloaded on your iphone. Not only dose it get around the fact that you can only transfer purchased products to itunes, but it is also much faster. Transferring a 11hour audiobook to my computer in mere seconds.


Well, I have signed up with MobiKin Assistant for iOS and would like to tell you about the quality of program they provide. Frankly speaking, I'm not knowledgeable enough, but it was very easy for me to use. And the file transfer speed is quite good. I think the functionality and the interface will perfectly suit any user. Happy customer, thanks!


I never leave review on anything, but this company definitely deserves it. I got the license key quicker than expected and the quality was very nice. Highly recommend using MobiKin Assistant for iOS, you won't be disappointed.


The key is usable and is the product that I wanted. No complains!

Kosta V

MobiKin is awesome - and very professional


This is a real great working and easy to use software. I use it from a long time ago, and I could do everything what I want, like to transfer media files like music, photos, TV shows to PC, while in the meantime I can import files from computer to my phone. It's an easy to use one, so you don't need any special skill to manage the needed.

Domi Boo

Domi Boo

best ever


Great software!!! It does work!!


Pretty good freeware! Easier to use than iTunes. I have recommended to my friends.


Although the free trial version does not offer me the full functions but I still want to say the software is good! Maybe the pro version can be better.


The most attractive feature of the software is FREE! But the disadvantage is that the free version can not offer the full functions. So I still have to buy a pro version.


This software did help me manage the files of my iPhone. Anyway the free version of the software can not offer me full functions but it is still good!


I like this free software but the free version can not offer me the full functions. I am considering if I need to buy a pro version. But I think it is a little expensive.


The most attractive feature of the software is free! LOL Well, to be serious. The software is good and help me a lot. But you should know the free version of the software can not offer you the complete functions.


The software did work but it is troublesome to use the free trail version! You know, I have transfer the fiels one by one from my device to computer. I think I will buy the pro version.


Well I just back up all the files from my iPhone and iPad on the computer. Now I can no longer worry about losing my data! Haha ^o^


The software is good but I have to transfer the files one by one, which really cost me much time. I think I will buy the pro version because I don't wast time any more.


well, I just used the software to send my files from mobile phone to the computer. It did works and work well! eh... I am thinking about buying the official version now.

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