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I got an ideal HEIC to JPG converter. With it, I can select as many files as I want to convert simultaneously.
This really is a simple program to use! The conversion process is also quick and reliable.


I moved HEIC images from my old iPhone to my Android device, but not being able to view them. I learned about the tool from my chum. Fairly straightforward, free trial, and no ads. Else, it boasts several options regarding quality & file export of pics and doesn't take too long to batch convert tons of higher quality PNGs... Love it...

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Need to convert some iPhone HEIC photos into JPG to keep them on my grandmother's PC. When getting the MobiKin software, I couldn't even use it at first. After resorting to its Customer Support, I suddenly realized that it is so simple. (Ah! I mistakenly dragged BMP into the program as HEIC. Hahaha ~!) Lastly, hundreds of images were accomplished soon. So incredible!!


My aunt took a lot of photos with her iPhone. However, it turned out to be HEIC images, which can't perfectly work with some software. But luckily, I found this HEIC to JPG converter online. It converts all HEIC photos at a time. It is so convenient and quick! Worthy~~

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