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Makes my data safe on my new Galaxy S24... Exactly as the software description describes.

Ferreira Galaxy

I am grateful for the ability to transfer only certain types of data, as it not only saves me time but also ensures the protection of my privacy.


The sevice is knowledgeable and the on-screen guideline is informative.


The speed at which it transfers data makes Bluetooth look like a snail.


The speed at which it transfers data makes Bluetooth look like a snail.


The speed at which it transfers data makes Bluetooth look like a snail.


MobiKin saved me hours of manual data transfer when I switched from my old Galaxy to a new Pixel


Tried it on a new MAC I bought for Christmas, and it did work for iPad to Samsung transfers.


Encountered a minor glitch that delayed the process a bit when I used freeware. But mobikin is an exception.

Lua Minguante

The intuitive interface made it easy to follow each step, and I appreciated the option to select specific data types for transfer.


Appreciate it; truly excellent regarding data transmission.


MobiKin Transfer is not only fast in transferring data but also highly effective. It efficiently moves data without compromising its quality. Contacts, messages, photos, and other files are transferred with precision, ensuring no loss or degradation in the data quality.


Passable, somewhat ordinary, but no remorseful feelings.


I was pleasantly surprised by the range of data that MobiKin Transfer can handle. It seamlessly transferred not only my contacts and photos but also my call logs, messages, etc. I didn't have to worry about losing any important information.


When I upgraded to a new Apple iPhone, I was dreading the data transfer, in particular my contacts. But MobiKin made it an absolute breeze!


MobiKin Transfer for Mobile is a data transfer maestro. It flawlessly conducted my data switch from my Google Pixel 6 to my OnePlus 9. The intuitive interface and brisk execution made the process incredibly smooth.


It made the transfer from my iPad to my KRETA a breeze. And I didn't encounter any major hiccups.


The main reason I turned to MobiKin Transfer was to move my data from my old Android phone to a new one. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast and efficient the transfer was. Contacts, messages, photos, videos, and even apps – everything moved seamlessly without a hitch.


INCREDIBLE! Recently upgraded to a new Galaxy phone, and I dreaded the idea of manually editing each phone number. This tool made it a breeze to switch my Samsung contacts effortlessly.


MobiKin Transfer for Mobile truly stood out for me when I was moving data between my iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S21. Its straightforward interface and efficient process simplified the task remarkably. An essential tool!


Amazing! I was worried about the hassle of transferring contacts, but MobiKin Transfer for Mobile made it incredibly simple.


I travel a lot and need my Xiaomi contacts on my new iPhone. MobiKin Transfer saved me hours of manual work.


It didn't disappoint me! Glanced over a number of phone transfer tools before switching to my new iPhone 14 Plus, and after picking this software, I got some important items from my old phone.

Bella & Mia

MobiKin is worth every penny! It made the daunting task of transferring data from my old iPhone 11 to my new Google Pixel 6 Pro seamless and hassle-free, saving me valuable time.

Kelly Turner

Couldn't be happier with MobiKin Transfer for Mobile's ability to copy books and calendars to my new iPad Pro. It made the transmission seamless and worry-free.


I recently had the opportunity to try out the newest version of MobiKin Transfer for Mobile, and I'm thoroughly impressed. The updated features, enhanced performance, and user-friendly interface make transferring data between my mobile devices a breeze. It's a reliable and efficient tool that I highly recommend for seamless data migration.


Recently switched to a new iPhone 14 and needed a tool to transfer my calendars and contacts. MobiKin did the job flawlessly. It preserved all my data, and the transfer was completed within minutes.

Emma Gre

I was skeptical at first, but MobiKin Transfer for Mobile proved to be a good solution for transferring contacts and other items from my old iPhone 12 to my new Google Pixel Android. Smooth and reliable!


It made transferring data between my devices a breeze. The interface was intuitive, and the process was quick and reliable. Highly recommended for hassle-free data transfers!


I had important files on my old phone, which I need to transfer to my new phone. I found Mobikin on youtube and decided to try it. I purchased the Mobikin Transfer for Mobile 1 Year. The whole transfer process was fast. I was impressed by its simplicity and professionalism. It cost me $29.95 but was worth it!


The support center was extremely helpful and polite, they also solved my problem very quick.

So yeah I can recommend it to everyone.


Purchased MobiKin Transfer for Mobile. The product is very easy to use. It saves lots of time and works much faster than the software I used before! Recommend it to everyone who needs fast and quality service.


Simply download and install the MobiKin Transfer for Mobile on my computer. It is pretty easy to use and help me move all the data to new phone. Great!


Hi! I just want to say that I find your product to be amazing. Thanks so much for providing such great features here, and keep it up!


The Mobikin software helped me to sync all data to my new phone, so I'm really grateful with them. The only problem I see is that the customer service is a bit slow. But anyways, thank you!


I was trying to transfer contact from an old iphone to a new one. This software did a great job in finally getting this done. Thanks a lot.


The transfer took several minutes, which I considered to be extremely fast. Worked better than what I expected, at a fair price.


I bought a new phone, I am using MobiKin to transfer files from my old phone to new. So far everything is good.


I never write a review until a product has completed the mission I bought it this case the MobiKin software. The key question is if the product works. The answer is works extremely well.


MobiKin Transfer cost me a lot, it's not a cheap tool. But I think it's well worth it. I used it to transfer files between my OnePlus and iPhone, which used to be very difficult for me, but now it's so easy. Happy with that.


Novice User, found this software easy to use and met my expectations fully.


This business was really a pleasure working with. Lots of data was able to be transferred to my new phone easily. Thanks for the quality service.


I purchased two products: Mobikin Assistant for Android and Mobikin Transfer for Mobile. Both products have had a great performance and a couple of problems were solved thanks to the excellent attention of the Support Center.


This was my first time ordering the data transfer tool from MobiKin and I was lucky to get the license key smoothly. And successfully completed all file transfer tasks.
But I have to say, it was not worked as fast as I thought it would be. It may be that I have too many images. Just wish they can improve on file transfer speed.


I was hesitant on ordering from MobiKin due to the fact I have never heard of them. Also the website isn't the best either. Even with all that it was cheaper that others. So I ordered it. Very simple and to the point. License email took a little too long to receive, but other than that everything went smoothly.


I think your customer service are kind, helpful and great. The quality of MobiKin Transfer is good but also needs to improve in some certain ways.


I have nice experience dealing with MobiKin. I had a few problems when I first signed up (not with them, just with mistakes I made) and they were very willing to help me and explain things to me. I just hope that they can respond to me faster. But so far, everything has been great. Thanks guys!


I have found the interface of MobiKin to be quite intuitive and easy to manage. I was able to transfer files between my devices without any delay.


My neighbor recommended me to move data to new phone with MobiKin while I did not know much about any data transfer tool. It was a good advice, worked very well for me. I read some reviews about them which were also very positive so I decided to give it a try. I am glad that I did so.
I haven't encountered any problems, all my files have been transferred to my new phone easily.
Great tool! Five stars.


Brilliant service and really fast delivery of the license code that i paid for, very safe and secure as well. Highly recommended.


ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS pleased with my orders. The Mobikin team is very fast to send my code. It was much easier to use than other tools I tried, I thoroughly enjoyed the data transfer feature. And I also appreciated the good price. I would not hesitate to order from them again.


One of the best data transfer software out there.


Think that it will be useful information for other user looking for data transfer software. I decided to share my experience dealing with MobiKin.
The program itself is very professional and it supports multiple types, that meet my needs very well.
Their control panels are easy to use and intuitive, I like its simple structure.
No doubt, I will continue using MobiKin services - everything works fine.


Very great software website, so far I've had an amazing experience from MobiKin Transfer for Mobile. And the support center is amazing, they helped me fix my issue practically ! Thank u very much for the great service and prices, I will be shopping here much more often.


I was very pleased with the 1-click file transfer design,and it is very useful for my purposes. My files has been moved well and their speed is really fast. Very good value for money. Personally I'm fully-satisfied customer.


After a lot of searching I found MobiKin Transfer that had exactly what I wanted.High quality and great prices. Will be ordering again from this company.


I personally found this software great as all the files such as contacts, text messages,photos and many more options are available very easily in the control panel of the software. The user interface is very simple, it's extremely convenient copy data between my phones.
Got excellent experience from this MobiKin.


I installed the Win OS version to transfer contacts and photos from my old Samsung to new one.It only took a few minutes to complete.Satisfied.


i wrote a review about this must have product, I use this software to transfer data from my iPhone 6S to Samsung S9 and it works. The whole process is easy to operate. It would be better if it can support more file types.but i must be doing something wrong because i can't find the review. i hope this isn't a glitch or a sham because it says i am able to get a free license with a review . so i have my fingers crossed that this is legit.

Donald O'Malley

This Software is a must have. It offers several fixes for your android or your iphone, and ipad. you can restore, back up, transfer date and many other options, and features. It is 100% must have. go ahead, try it they have a great free trial, but it is best to just bypass the trial, and buy the full version to take advantage of all the features. Trust me, you won't be sorry.


MobiKin Transfer worked well for transferring all my files from the old Samsung to new one.


Thanks! My problem has been worked out easily.

Tina Mei

I switched my old Huawei phone to the new Samsung Phone, wanted to transfer contacts,photos, music.I found this tool. And it's really helpful. I transferred photos, music, etc between them easily.It is successful.

Simon Liu

This is a good tool for data transfer between two android phones.If you have more than one android phone, you need it..

Billy Guank

With this tool, I am able to transfer files between my Samsung and Huawei smart phones freely and quickly.


An easy-to-use program! I just need to connect my Android phones and click on "Start Copy" and then the program will start to transfer my phone data.


I use this software to transfer data from my iPhone 6S to Samsung S9 and it works.  The whole process is easy to operate. It would be better if it can support more file types.


This phone to phone transfer software is able to transfer data between my iPhone 8 and Huawei device. But it is a pity that the transferable file types are limited.


An excellent tool! It transfers almost all my files from my Huawei P8 to Samsung S9, which is really helpful for me. I will continue to use it next time.

Billy Beckham

A good transfer tool for android phones..
Wow, it is good, I can save many photos as I want. And it is available for Huawei.
Support photos, contacts,text message,music,apps...


It Works well with my iPhone 5S and HTC One 8. No more complicated process and I can do everything in one go. Please add I hope you can add Nokia Lumia 930 to your support list.


It is really convenient to transfer files between different mobile phones with the software. It only cost me 5 minutes to transfer all the files from Samsung to my new iPhone!


I just used the software to transfer all the contacts from Samsung phone to my new iPhone successfully! It only cost me about two minutes!


I just transferred the contacts and photos from my Samsung to the iPhone! All the files it transferred is complete and there is no quality loss in the process.


It is really good! It is convenient to use the software to transfer various files between different mobile phones!


The software is really powerful. I am able to transfer contacts and photos from Android to iPhone and also from iPhone to Android easily. And the whole process costed me just several minutes!

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