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In the past years, MobiKin have found lots of writers to study all kinds of issues related to Android, iOS and mobile issues. All we want to offer is the most practical tips and solutions to your mobile devices. Below are the basic information of the writers from MobiKin.
Dashiell Ellington
Dashiell Ellington
  • Holds an MSc in computer science, excelling as a tech writer adept at addressing diverse phone issues.
  • Collaborates with software developers, enhancing expertise and reliability in the field.
  • Places a high priority on personal development, studying to ensure accurate and updated articles.
  • Finds joy in sports and fitness training, maintaining a well balanced and dynamic lifestyle.
Sara Arnot
Sara Arnot
Senior Editor
  • Earned a bachelor of engineering degree in 2018 before becoming a member of the MobiKin Team.
  • Being a senior editor, she possesses extensive know-how in mobile data management and has conducted in-depth studies on relevant topics.
  • Consistently keep up with daily technology news to stay abreast of the latest trends.
  • Enjoy experimenting with the latest software as well as engaging in activities such as morning jogging, cycling, and other sports.
Kitty Parker
Kitty Parker
Senior Editor
  • After graduating with a science and engineering degree in 2018, she received technical article writing training and joined MobiKin.
  • Have been testing, researching, and writing professional articles, thanks to her mastery of Android system knowledge and enthusiasm for software development.
  • Proficient in creating diverse Android-related articles and adept at addressing various needs of mobile users.
  • As a warm-hearted techie, she takes pleasure in sharing posts on social platforms to assist a wider audience.
Alleny Gavin
Alleny Gavin
Chief Editor
  • MobiKin's editor-in-chief, holds a B.A. in English Literature and boasts 10+ years in technical writing.
  • A 9-year tech geek at MobiKin, transitioned and authored 1000+ iPhone/iOS articles.
  • With over a decade in software and technology, Gavin's rich experience enhances the readability of his articles.
  • A smartphone fanatic and avid forum browser, Gavin's love for trying different software aids in recommending suitable options for readers.

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