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With the frequently upgrade of portable devices in the market, you may wish to resell, donate or send the old devices to others, right? Then you may wish to know the ways to erase data on your device with zero opportunity of restoring, right? If so, then you can find the ways you need in this topic center. Just go through them and pick up the articles you're interested in for detailed reading.

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How to Wipe Out Data from Android before Selling it

Plan to sell out your old Android device? Then you really need to wipe out data from Android before selling it! Now, just read the passage and get the easy way as needed!

4 Ways to Erase iPhone Data without Restoring

Worry about the data on your old phone will be restored by others after re-selling, donating, etc.? Here are 4 ideal solutions for your reference. You can read it to learn how to wipe iPhone data without restoring easily.

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