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If you are a diehard music lover with an iOS device or Mac, chances are that you spend a great part of your life listening to cool music or entertaining Audiobooks. You may have noticed that there are days that you wake up to realize that you forgot to stop the music playback iTunes feature on your Apple gadget, hence; your laptop or iOS device's battery has been drained and your music playlist has been altered. This comprehensive yet informative article is going to show you how to turn your iDevice into an effective iTunes Sleep Timer.

Your gadget will be able to effectively turn off the music you are listening immediately after the set duration has elapsed. All the effective tips provided below are non-intrusive in nature, thus you are guaranteed to realize an improvement in your sleeping habits within a short period of adopting them into your lifestyle.

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Effective Tips on How to Set an Effective iTunes Sleep Timer

1. Create a smart playlist

You can easily turn your Apple gadget into an effective iTunes sleep timer just by creating a smart shuffling iTunes music playlist. To achieve this, simply launch the iTunes music service and select the "New Smart Playlist" option that can be found in the iTune's "File" menu. Once you have created the new smart playlist, unselect the "Match the Following Rule" option found in the "Properties" section and then click on the "Limit To" option. You will then be prompted to select the total duration required until the sleep timer option is activated.

You can then activate the "Random" feature to select random music files from your Mac, iPad or iPhones storage that add up to the selected time and voila! Your sleep timer will be activated. Kindly note that using the smart playlist option only stops playing iTunes music. You may be required to play around with your Mac's settings or download a third party app if you wish your equipment to shut down, hibernate or sleep at specific times.

2. Using your iOS device's hidden sleep timer feature

All iOS devices come fully installed with a hidden sleep timer feature that can be found under the "Clock" application's "Timer" section. To use this "mysterious" timer, launch your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch's default "Clock" app and locate the "Timer" section. Set any appropriate duration for your timer before you scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select the "Stop Playing" option instead of choosing a specific sound. A quicker shortcut to achieve this is to go to your iOS device's "Control Center" and launch the Clock app from there.

This will automatically redirect you to the Timer screen. Kindly note that this hidden timer works not only for your iDevice's inbuilt default music app but can also be used on any other third party media player that is in use when the timer expires.

3. Installing a reliable third party app

There are various third party iTunes sleep timer apps in the market today that can be used to turn off music while you sleep. Some of them are highly sophisticated that they can even be used to switch off a Mac computer as well as wake you up using their alarm function. Below are some of the popular ones that are worth checking out.

- iTunes Sleep Timer

iTunes Sleep Timer which can be obtained either as an app or Yahoo widget is a beneficial program that can be used as an effective media plugin to force your Apple gadget to sleep after some time. The beneficial app has the ability to automatically stop music playback after a given duration. The multipurpose music player plugin can be used as a reliable alarm clock to wake you up in the morning. Unlike other popular sleep timer apps; this program slowly fades the playback volume to zero before pausing it, thus ensuring you are not disturbed while you are sleeping.

- Sleepytime

This popular paid app features a slick yet fully functional sleep timer and an easy-to-use alarm clock for Pulsar, iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio. Sleepytime has an attractive interface with a gorgeously animated screen display showing the song's title, artist and how much time is remaining until the music stops among other incredible features. This beneficial app also works by fading out the current music over time so as not to wake you up. You can also carry out various computer scripts and actions while using this amazing program.

- iTunes Timer

This is an effective "Mac OS X" dashboard that allows you to listen to your favorite music, radio, podcasts, and Audiobooks in iTunes until the set countdown has elapsed. To use this widget, simply move the sidebar provided to set the appropriate countdown and then activate the green button to start the sleep timer. There are also other incredible iTunes Timer features that can help you to easily control both the DVD Player and Quick Time options as well as putting your Mac into sleep mode to save on energy.

You can now listen to your favorite podcasts, music, audiobooks and even radio on iTunes especially the ones that put you to sleep without having to constantly worry about forgetting to turn your iOS device, Mac or Windows PC off. Follow the beneficial iTunes sleep timer tips provided above to develop even better sleeping habits.

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