6 Creative Ways to Connect iPad to Computer Instantly [2023 Latest]

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Why would you connect your iPad to your computer swiftly? Generally, perhaps you want to browse, transfer, back up, restore or manage your iOS files conveniently. Or you have to mirror your iPad/iPhone to Windows/Mac to enjoy a wide view or manipulation on a large screen. Then here comes a query - how to connect iPad to computer in seconds? OK, we shall help you out by presenting the six popular ways in this post. And let's do this right away.

connect ipad to computer

Way 1: How to Connect iPad to PC via Charger Cable Only

The easiest way to create a USB-style connection is to utilize an original cable that came with your iPad. To learn how to connect iPhone/iPad to PC in this way, go through the quick steps below:

  • Use a Lightning to USB cable to link the USB connector to a USB port on your computer.
  • Attach the other end of the cord to the port on the iPad.
  • Open your iPad and tap "Trust" or "Allow".
  • Enter your iPad password when needed.
  • Go to your computer, select "Import photos and videos" or "Open device to view files" as needed.

how to connect ipad to pc via a charger cable only

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Way 2: How to Connect iPad to Computer with Assistant for iOS [Efficient]

What do you want to do with the data on your iPad after making a smooth connection? If there is a tool that can sort out almost all your device files, making it easy for you to browse and select specific items on a supersized screen, isn't it quite appealing and admiring? Given this perspective, MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Win and Mac) is worth a shot. Without further ado, let's first get a basic idea of it.

What can MobiKin Assistant for iOS do for you?

  • Connect iPad to computer with minimum effort.
  • Transfer a broad range of data between iPhone and computer/iTunes.
  • Work for such data types as contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, notes, books, calendars, voice memos, apps, and more.
  • Outstanding iPad backup software to back up and restore your device fleetly.
  • Manage iPad info, media, and apps on a computer independently.
  • No data or quality loss during data processing.
  • Easy connection, free trial, and highly compatible.
  • Play functions on practically all iOS devices, containing iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPhone, iPod touch, etc.
  • It won't let out your privacy.

ios assistant for win ios assistant for mac

How to connect iPad to computer easily with MobiKin Assistant for iOS?

Step 1. Run the software and link iPad to the computer physically

Connect your iPad to your PC/Mac and run the program after you download and install it. The utility will detect your device automatically. Then follow the easy on-screen guide to have your iPad identified.

main screen of ios assistant

Step 2. Make a connection before transferring and managing iPad files

After that, the tool will categorize all your iPad items on its left panel. From here, choose your desired data types or pick "Super Toolkit" from the top menu. Finally, you can manage, transfer, back up, or restore iOS files without trouble.

how to connect ipad to computer with ios assistant

Way 3: How to Connect iPad to PC by AirDrop

AirDrop, a built-in feature in iOS and macOS, allows you to create connections among iDevices and share files like media, contacts, etc., wirelessly with little effort. Here's how to establish the connection between iPad and PC over AirDrop:

  • Head over to your iPad's "Settings" > "General".
  • Select "AirDrop", followed by "Contacts Only" or "Everyone".
  • how to connect ipad to pc by airdrop

  • Go to your Mac's "Finder" > "Go" > "AirDrop".
  • Turn on "Bluetooth" and "Wi-Fi" to enable AirDrop on that Mac.
  • Then set "Allow to be discovered by" as "Everyone" or "Contacts Only". (AirDrop not working on iPhone/iPad?)

Way 4: How to Connect iPad to Computer with Wi-Fi Sync

When your computer and iPad Pro/mini/Air/4/3/2 are within the same Wi-Fi network, the connection can be created automatically. You can make it with the iTunes Wi-Fi sync feature as follows:

  • Link your iPad to your computer via USB.
  • Run iTunes, and when your iPad appears on the "devices" list, tap it.
  • From the iTunes screen, that list appears on the left of the "iTunes Store" option.
  • Go to the "Summary" tab from the left panel.
  • Choose "Sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi".
  • how to connect ipad to computer with wifi sync

  • Press "Apply", and iTunes configures your iPad to sync over Wi-Fi.
  • Click "Done" and unplug your iPad from this computer.

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Way 5: How to Connect iPad to PC via iTunes/Finder

iTunes or Finder enjoys a physical connection mode, through which you can build a connection between your iPad and the tool. To do the job on your PC, please download the latest version of iTunes before proceeding. And on a Mac with macOS Catalina or newer, fulfill this with Finder.

Option 1: Connect iPad to PC with iTunes:

  • Install iTunes on your PC and start it.
  • Connect your iPad to the machine via a USB cable.
  • When iTunes recognizes it, tap the "device" sign from the navigation bar.
  • Then, you will see the device info, and you can choose different items from the menu for further manipulation.

How to Backup iPhone to iTunes - 2

Option 2: Connect iPad to Mac via Finder:

  • Open a Finder and plug your iPad into your Mac, running macOS Catalina or higher via USB. (What if iPhone/iPad won't connect to Mac?)
  • Your iPad should turn up on the left sidebar of the window.
  • Tap your "device" icon and trust it when required.
  • When the virtual connection is made, choose the type of data you'd like to handle and sync or manage iOS files as you wish.

Way 6: How to Connect iPad Pro/Air/mini/4/3/2 to Computer via Handoff

Handoff offers you the opportunity to start work on one device and switch to the other one nearby before picking up where you left off. But before initiating a data transfer, please enable Bluetooth and use the same iCloud account on devices to establish a connection. Plus, please note that ensure your iPad runs on iPadOS 8.0 or up while macOS runs on Yosemite or later. To connect the iPad to your computer, you should:

  • Enable Handoff on your iPad by heading to your Settings first.
  • Then proceed to "General" > "Handoff" > turn on the "Handoff" option.
  • Switch on Handoff on your Mac by going to the "Apple" menu.
  • Navigate to "System Preferences" > "General".
  • Mark "Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices".

how to connect ipad to computer with handoff

Final Words

What we mentioned above is how to connect an iPad to a computer in six quick tips. To be honest, none of them requires you to go through a hard journey. After establishing the virtual connection, you may have to prioritize convenient browsing iPad files for further management. Frankly, concerning professionalism and versatility, MobiKin Assistant for iOS, an excellent iTunes alternative, is undoubtedly an ideal product with irresistible strengths.

ios assistant for win ios assistant for mac

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