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5 Ways to Connect iPhone to iPad

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iDevice has appealed to a great deal of customers according to its abundant features and stable system. And these users are keen on transferring contents, such as photos, videos, music and so on from one device to another to backup files. And usually, this kind of transmission happens between iPhone and iPad. However, to share contents, the first thing you should do is to connect two devices. But how can we connect iPhone to iPad effectively?

Part 1. Connect iPhone to iPad with iOS Data Transfer Tool

Part 2. How to Link iPhone to iPad via iTunes?

Part 3. How Can I Tether iPad to iPhone by iCloud?

Part 4. Bluetooth Allows iPhone to Link to iPad

Part 5. Using Personal Hotspot to Connect iPhone to iPad

Part 1. Connect iPhone to iPad with iOS Data Transfer Tool

iOS Data Transfer Tool is a professional iOS assistant software to assist users in managing files. With this tool, you can tether your iPad to iPhone quickly and transfer various kinds of files between them. To achieve this goal, you only need to connect iPad and iPhone to computer at the same time. And surely, the function of this program is  not simplex. Except transmission, it also specializes in backup and management. That means that you not only can back up and share data on your iDevice, but also can add, delete and edit them with several simple clicks. Now let us begin our easeful way to tether iPhone to iPad.

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- Download and install the software on your computer.

 ios data transfer tool for win ios data transfer tool for mac

- Use USB cable to connect both iPhone and iPad to your computer.

- Launch the program and it will detect two devices automatically. Then  you will the inferface as below.

 connect iphone to ipad

- Select the one folder that you want to transfer on the top menu and choose the specific category in the left panel to  preview their contents in the program as you like. Mark all data you wish to view on the iPad, then click "Export" button and choose "Export to Device"> "iPad".

export photos from iphone to ipad

Part 2. How to Link iPhone to iPad via iTunes?

You must be familiar with the way that using iTunes to share iPhone files with iPad because iTunes is the official media player that allows you to manage and play music and videos. But how to connect these two devices together and share their data? Here you can use the "Homesharing" which is designed to let you easily share your iTunes media libraries among computers as well as your iOS devices. Therefore, connect iPhone to iPad according to iTunes is also viable. In general, using iTunes to link iPhone and iPad is a little difficult, but you still can have a try.

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- Download and Install the latest iTunes.

- Link iPhone and iPad to a computer via USB cable. Then the computer will detect them automatically.

- Open up iTunes on iPhone and click "File" to enter "Homesharing".

link iphone to ipad with homesharing

- Filling in the Apple ID and password to access homesharing. Once you are accepted, you need to press on "Done" to finish the access.

- Repeat the third and fourth steps to access iPad homesharing. If you have successfully set homesharing on both devices by using the same Apple ID, you can see the computer is in the "Shared" section.

Part 3. How Can I Tether iPad to iPhone by iCloud?

iCloud, a cloud service provided by Apple Inc., allows iPhone users to store music, photos, applications, calendar and other files on the device. In addition, it also permits you to share data with different iDevices. As a result, tethering iPad to iPhone via iCloud is feasible and advantageous. If you are wondering how to do it, you can follow the steps below to build the connection between them and transmit files.

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- Update iOS version on both devices to the latest one. Then you ought to active your devices according to the prompts and set up iCloud. For setting up iCloud, you need to go to "Settings" to select iCloud folder and then enter Apple account to turn on iCloud. Here you must notice that the Apple ID you use should be the same. use icloud to link iphone to ipad

- After signing in the iCloud successfully, you can sync the data between two devices.

Part 4. Bluetooth Allows iPhone to Link to iPad

Bluetooth also is a way to link iPhone to iPad and the procedure could be straightforward but fewer users will choose it. Because the types of files that it can copy are limited. This method is good at transferring photos and contacts and the process would be tedious. Therefore, only when users are not in a hurry or their target files are only photos and contacts will they select this way. Nevertheless, you can learn the steps for unexpected needs.

- Go to "Settings"> "Bluetooth" on both device to turn on Bluetooth. Under this folder, you will see the name of the device that can be connected. Choose the wanted name on both devices and connect them easily.

 use bluetooth to connect iphone to ipad

Part 5. Using Personal Hotspot to connect iPhone to iPad

Using personal hotspot is also a dingbat. The premise to use this method is that you must have adequate cellular data on your iPhone because here it will be a modem to provide available network for iPad. After opening the personal hotspot, iPad will be able to connect it to backup and share its files. The steps are not complicated at all. You can go with the following steps and will find that it is easy to operate.

- Access the "Settings" on iPhone to start the process.

- Tap on "Cellular" option to turn on cellular data network.

open up cellular data on iphone

- Go to Personal Hotspot setting to open up personal hotspot. Then choose the username and password in this section.turn on personal hotspot on iphone

- Then click on wifi password to set or amend the hotspot password. After that, elect "Done".

- Turn on the Wi-fi on iPad to find out the hotspot and access the network by typing the password. Now your iPad is able to connect to iPhone and transfer data.

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