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How to Connect iPhone to PC Successfully

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iPhone is the pocket smartphone combining with high-definition camera, media player, wireless communication equipment and personal digital assistant. When iOS device users intend to manage or transfer data on their iDevice more quickly, it's better to link the iPhone/iPad/iPod to a computer and operate it on computer. However, do you know how to connect iPhone to PC successfully? This article offers you a full guide on how to connect iPhone to PC and you can select the way you like to make it happen.

Solution 1. Best Way to Connect iPhone to Computer

Solution 2. Connect iPhone to PC with iTunes

Solution 3. Link iPhone to Computer via Wi-Fi

Solution 4. Link Your iPhone to Mac/PC via AirDrop

MobiKin Assistant for iOS - Provide the Best Way to Link iPhone to PC

MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Windows/Mac) is a standalone tool, that can help users to connect iPhone to computer or Mac quickly, and manage their iPhone data on the PC directly. And it can works well on all kinds of iOS devices, including iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPad Air Pro, the new iPad, iPod touch, etc.

Here is the key features of this powerful iPhone Manager software:

- Transfer data from iPhone to computer without any iTunes limitations;

- Import data like contacts, calendars, bookmarks to iPhone with 1 simple click;

- Uninstall apps from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch selectively or in batch;

- ...

iphone transfer main screen

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Connect iPhone to PC with iTunes

It is a common method to connect iPhone to computer with iTunes. Here are the steps you might follow as below.

1st - Link your iPhone to a computer with an original USB cable.

2nd - While connecting, iTunes might be launched automatically. However, please ensure that iTunes should be the latest version. Go to "Help" > "Check for Update" on iTunes and update the iTunes if necessary.

3rd - Click the iPhone icon on iTunes interface.

Actually, by the time you can find the iPhone icon on iTunes interface, you have already successfully connected your iPhone to the computer and you might start to manage your iPhone here on iTunes. Next, this guide will take backup file as an example to manage files on iTunes after connecting.

4th - Click "Back Up Now" to create a local iPhone backup on your computer, then select contents to sync.

5th - Hit "Apply" and "Sync"to begin the syncing process, and wait for a while till the process ends.

sync iphone files to itunes

And you can also click "Option" > "Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected" to sync whenever you connect your iPhone to your computer.

How to Link iPhone to Computer via Wi-Fi

Of course, you could also connect your iPhone to computer with Wi-Fi. You could refer to the following steps to link it.

1st - Connect your iPhone to a computer with an original USB cable.

2nd - Run iTunes on your computer and ensure that the iTunes is the latest version.

3rd - Click the iPhone icon on iTunes interface, then scroll to "Options" button and check "Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi"in the right panel and click " Apply" to start syncing process.

sync iphone with itunes over wifi

4th - Wait for a while to finish syncing for changes to be applied on your iPhone and then disconnect your iPhone from the computer.

5th - Go for your iPhone's "Settings" and tap "Wi-Fi" > "Wi-Fi Network". And please ensure that your iPhone and the computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

wifi networks settings

6th - Click "Settings" on the left top of the screen, and scroll down to tap "General" > "iTunes Wi-Fi Sync". And please ensure that iTunes is running on your computer now.

7th - Tap "Sync Now", and your iPhone will sync wirelessly with your PC via Wi-Fi.

Connecting iPhone to Mac or PC via AirDrop

AirDrop is an efficient way to create connection, which allows you to transfer documents, photos and other contents when the devices are at close range (within several feet).

1st - Enable Bluetooth both on your iPhone and Mac.

2nd - Click "Finder" on your Mac, which is a blue icon with smiley face in your Dock.

3rd - Click "AirDrop" under "Favorites" of Finder interface and click "Allow me to be discovered by" > "Everyone".

airdrop discovery settings

4th - Swipe up on your iPhone's home screen to access the Control Center and tap "AirDrop", which might be followed by a receiving status, like "Everyone", "Contacts Only", or "Receiving Off".

5th - Select a file to share on either device and click "Share" icon. Files like Photos, Notes, Contacts, Calendar and etc created or stored in Apple apps are shareable via AirDrop.

6th - Click "AirDrop" nearby the "Share" dialog box, then tap the name of the receiving device on the sending device.

share photos via airdrop

Notes: If you cannot the name of the receiving device, please ensure that the two devices are within several feet and the AirDrop is enabled, too. If prompted to turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, just do so.

7th - Tap "Save" on the receiving device to save the copy of shared files on the receiving device. After that, you might view your saved files on your device.

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