6 Ways to Transfer Contacts to New Phone Easily and Safely

While switching to a new phone, it's necessary to ensure the data on the old phone, especially contacts, are transferred over quickly and painlessly. This task may not be difficult to implement if both phones are with the same OS, and there is no vital data on the new phone. But on the contrary, is there any way to do this efficiently?

OK, today, we'll elaborate on 6 scientific methods on how to transfer contacts to new phone in various scenarios. If you got a new Android phone or iPhone, you could use any of the approaches below to transfer contacts to it from the old iPhone/Android device without a hitch.

how to transfer contacts to new phone

Way 1: How to Transfer Contacts to New Phone via Transfer for Mobile (1-Click Solution)

Transferring contacts between phones is a piece of cake for MobiKin Transfer for Mobile (Win and Mac). It caters to different requirements. This is not only because it runs on different operating systems, but also as it lets you selectively transfer all types of items between two devices with ease. Plus, it features good compatibility, suitable for all kinds of PCs/Macs, Android and iOS devices.

Main highlights of MobiKin Transfer for Mobile:

  • Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to iPhone, and Android to Android.
  • It also supports processing data like text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos, documents, and apps.
  • Features with simple connection and quick copy, no special skills required.
  • Work for overall iOS and Android devices, such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, Motorola, LG, Google, Nokia, HTC, Vivo, OPPO, various iPhones, iPads, and iPods.
  • It never interferes with any user's privacy.

transfer for mobile for win transfer for mobile for mac

Here, let's see how to transfer contacts to a new phone from an old one via MobiKin Transfer for Mobile:

Step 1. Run the program and link phones to computer

Download and install the tool before opening it on your computer. The initial interface will appear, from which you can see the hints asking you to connect your phones to this computer with USB cables.

the initial interface of mobikin tranfer for mobile

Step 2. Check the positions of both phones

When the devices are identified, you'll find the main interface like below. Now, make sure the device on the right side of the screen is used to receive contacts. Otherwise, tap "Flip" to correct its position.

how to transfer contacts to new phone from old one with mobikin

Step 3. Select files and trigger the transfer

Mark the data type(s) you need to copy. To move contacts, simply tick on the "Contacts" box and then click on "Start Copy" to transfer contacts to the new phone.

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Way 2: How to Get Contacts from Old Phone to New Phone with Google Account

Similarly, this method applies to the co-platform or cross-platform data migration; that is, it has no requirements on the operating system of the two mobile phones you want to carry out the task on.

Now, let's set Android to Android contact migration as an example to show you how to transfer contacts to new phone with Google account:

  • On your source Android phone, head to Settings > Accounts > Add Account > select "Google". Then do as the prompts imply to log in to your Gmail account. Have no account yet? Please create one at first.
  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Google > enable "Sync Contacts" to sync the items to Google servers.
  • Add a Google account on your new Android device. And go to Settings > Accounts > Google > choose " Sync Contacts" from the records of the Google backups.
  • Tap on "Sync Now" to move contacts to the new phone from the old one.

how to get contacts from old phone to new phone with google account

Way 3: How to Move Contacts to New Phone from SIM Card

You can use a SIM card to get contacts from Android to iPhone, Android to Android, iPhone to iPhone, and iPhone to Android as well. Before the transfer, make sure that the card slot in the receiving device matches the SIM card, and be careful when removing and inserting the card in case of physical damage.

For instance, if you wish to conduct the Android to Android contact transfer from a SIM card, please follow the steps below:

  • On your old Android phone, launch the "Contacts" app.
  • Tap "Settings"/the tree-line menu > Manage contacts.
  • Choose "Import/Export contacts" > Export contacts.
  • Select to export to the SIM card. Remove the card and insert it into the new Android phone.
  • On your destination Android device, navigate to find "Import/Export contacts".
  • Select "Import from SIM Card" to transfer the contacts to your new Android phone.

how to move contacts to new phone from sim card

Way 4: How to Transfer Contacts from One Phone to Another Using Move to iOS

The Move to iOS app only allows you to transfer contacts to a new iPhone from an Android device. During the use, the existing data on your iPhone would be wiped away. So it's important to back up your iPhone to PC/Mac beforehand.

How do I transfer my contacts from my old phone to my new one with Move to iOS (Android to iOS)?

  • Install the downloaded app on both devices.
  • Set up your iPhone till you get the "App & Data" screen.
  • Select "Move Data from Android". (if you have set up your iPhone before? Just erase your iPhone and reboot it now.)
  • Run the Move to iOS application on Android and accept the on-screen permissions.
  • Touch the "Continue" option on both devices.
  • Tap "Next" on Android, and it'll lead you to the "Find Your Code" screen.
  • You'll get a digit code on your iPhone. Then, enter the code on the Android device.
  • Choose "Contacts" and tap "Next". Your contacts will then be moved from Android to iPhone.

how to transfer contacts from one phone to another with move to ios

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Way 5: How to Transfer Contacts between Phones via iCloud

This solution is used for contact transfer between iPhones or from iPhone to Android device. While doing the latter, you need to export the items backed up in iCloud to a computer and then transfer them to your Android phone.

How to transfer my contacts to my new phone via iCloud (iPhone to iPhone)?

  • Connect both iPhones to a stable WiFi network.
  • Ensure you sign in to the same Apple ID on both devices from Settings > [your name].
  • On both iPhones, open Settings > [your name] > iCloud.
  • Enable the "Contacts" toggle on both devices.
  • On your new iPhone, wait until the merging contacts screen turns up and tap on "Merge".

how to transfer contacts between phones via icloud

After merging contacts, you can also move contacts from iPhone to Android. (quick navigate: go to > log in to your Apple ID > click "Contacts" > select wanted contacts > choose "Export vCard" > connect Android to the computer and move the exported VCF files from PC to Android.)


Way 6: How to Sync Contacts to New Phone via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is usually used to transfer contacts, photos, etc. between Android phones. Apple iOS and Android are incompatible, so we cannot transfer contacts between them directly by Bluetooth. Further, we cannot move data between iPhones directly through Bluetooth either.

How do I transfer my contacts from one phone to another via Bluetooth (Android to Android)?

  • Connect two phones via Bluetooth.
  • Head to the Bluetooth menu of both devices from "Settings" to pair them.
  • Start the "Contacts" app on the old Android phone.
  • Visit its menu > Import/Export > Share namecard via > "Select contacts" or "Select all".
  • Choose "Bluetooth", followed by the receiving device.
  • Give permissions for the transfer by tapping "Accept" to save the contacts onto your new phone.

how to sync contacts to new phone via bluetooth


We outlined 6 commonly-used ways to help transfer contacts to a new phone. Among them:

Google is more compatible with Android, while iCloud can better serve iOS; before using a SIM card, it is essential to ensure it matches the new phone's card slot and avoid card damage; although Move to iOS is easy to use, it can only transfer contacts from Android to iOS; Bluetooth is only good for moving few contacts, for it is inefficient.

Finally, MobiKin Transfer for Mobile is the smoothest solution. Without any special know-how, you can get all contacts from the old phone onto the new one within a short time.

transfer for mobile for win transfer for mobile for mac

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